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How About a No-Nonsense, Simple Medical Aid That Actually Works


If you’re like the average South African, you’ll have an area in your brain just buzzing with medical jargon. It’s the result of shopping for medical aid in this country. After the legislation that came into effect some years ago, a multitude of companies emerged as potential medical cover providers. As if that flurry wasn’t confusing enough, consumers were forced to differentiate between hospital plans, hospital cover, medical aids, and health insurance, as various new and established companies in the industry had to adapt its offers because of that amended legislation. It seemed that the likelihood of encountering a no-nonsense, simple medical aid that might have all the bells and whistles yet presents in a way that is easy to understand, was becoming extinct. As a result, many citizens spent several nights on Google!

The industry assumed far too much insight in consumers, as not everyone had kept apace with the legislation. Indeed, a big part of consultations around medical aid options became educational, where consultants often had to talk people through understanding the jargon, before even covering the options within an individual scheme. That’s not a no-nonsense scenario, and a no-nonsense scenario is what consumers need when shopping for medical aids if ever they needed clarity in business dealings. Although some industries are compelled to present in full regalia, jargon blaring, and a multitude of line items in its intel, the medical aid arena shouldn’t be one of them. Indeed, no matter its scientific nature (and, yes, an abundance of medical terminology!), medical aids are for people, not medical professionals, and it’s a vote in favour of the consumer when a medical aid provider offers genuinely simple explanations of its cover options.


With Medical Aids, Simple Works Best

Nowadays, after a bout of confusion and a current attempt by the better companies to return to easily understood and cost-effective cover, any medical aid provider that has taken the gibberish out of its content and streamlined its offer for better consumer understanding, is also the one that works best. You can be sure that a medical cover provider that has made the effort to present no-nonsense, simple options is customer-focused at the back end as well. It’s indicative of an ethos, and it spells good news for customers.

Simple also means the pre-authority and claims procedures are quick and easy, and the company will never present only to overburden you with all the academic-level gibberish when it’s time to talk shop. Simple is as simple does, and simple is elegant and smart, especially when it comes to the supplier-client relationship in a medical aid arrangement. A no-nonsense, simple medical aid covers you correctly (it covers what you’ve said it needs to cover) and it has short chains between itself and its customers. Put differently, it provides genuine service, and you’ll know it when you encounter it. A great medical aid knows that your time is important and your needs come first, rather than assumes you’ve got time to listen to a hundred different, convoluted and jargon-soaked explanations of why you’re not covered. Simple makes for effective shopping and service. In 2021 that’s become crucial, especially when it comes to medical aids available in South Africa.


KeyHealth is No-Nonsense, Simple Medical Aid for Everyone

No-nonsense, simple medical aid begins and ends with KeyHealth because we’re a different kind of service provider. Emblematic of medical aid companies who have steered clear of the jargon, manipulation, and frequent profiteering of other industry players, KeyHealth expects to attract its customers because of its simplicity, transparency, and superb cover options. No business that confounds its customers as they enter can hope to call itself streamlined, nor successful. It’s a shame that many of the medical aid industry players are just so, but KeyHealth defines its success on how well we serve you.

Of course, all of that would be less were it not for the fact that we’re extremely competitive on price too. We offer a lot for the prices we charge, and we keep our prices low by applying economies of scale on the back of our membership. Most medical schemes don’t, moaning more or less incessantly about how it has to increase its prices and how expensive medicine is. If you’re ready to deal with people without that nonsense, call KeyHealth right away, and let us show you what smart service looks like.