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Complaints Process

We take customer service seriously. Should you have a complaint against KeyHealth, we want to be the first to hear about it. This way, we can do our best to resolve your complaint at a Scheme level.


KeyHealth Medical Scheme encourages its members to follow the process outlined below if they wish to lodge complaints at the Scheme. We pride ourselves in resolving issues and disputes internally.

Stage 1 Complaint
The Scheme has a dedicated email address  where complaints can be sent. The Principal Officer of KeyHealth Medical Scheme will provide a written response within thirty (30) days of receipt of the complaint.

Step 2 Disputes
Should a complaint relating to the member’s benefits or contributions not be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the Principal Officer shall refer the dispute to the Disputes Committee.

The Disputes Committee shall give its decision within ten (10) days of hearing the matter meeting.

Step 3 Appeal against decisions
An aggrieved person has the right to appeal to the Council for Medical Schemes against the decision of the Disputes Committee and such appeal should be addressed to Council for Medical Schemes, Block A, Eco Glades 2 Office Park, 420 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Eco Park, Centurion 0157 or

Similarly, persons who are aggrieved by the decision of the Scheme relating to other types of complaints should also direct their appeal to the Council for Medical Schemes.

Step 4 Lodging complaints at the Council for Medical Schemes
Any person may approach the Council for Medical Schemes to resolve their complaint at any stage of the complaints process.