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Looking to Get an Online Quote for Affordable Medical Aid?


For many South Africans, it’s a constant dilemma. The debate over whether to get medical aid or stay in limbo keeps returning, and then where to go and who to talk to when you do want a medical aid quote is a conversation with friends and colleagues that is overwhelmed with information. Of course, the average consumer will want to get an online quote for what they feel is an affordable medical aid, but, even here, Google can overwhelm consumers with options.

What to do? Firstly, definitely get medical aid! State healthcare has been in decline for years, and the prognosis is - it’s not going to bounce back anytime soon. South Africans living without medical cover have a large appetite for risk! Secondly, when surfing online, look for medical aid providers who are making a noise about simplicity and service. Those are likely to be the most affordable, and the most service-oriented of all.


Who to Avoid When Looking to Get an Online Quote for Affordable Medical

Many established medical aids present as though it’s doing you a favour by allowing you on board. That’s not only skewed, it’s an approach set to fail in the consumer-defined future.  Any medical aid provider not talking about how great it is simply because of what it does for its members is likely one where you won’t find much genuine service. You might find steep prices and many excluded procedures, but you certainly won’t receive service from the usual corporate gleam that denotes commercial success.

When you find yourself looking to get an online quote for an affordable medical aid, avoid those that feel haughty or elitist. That attitude simply can’t exist with genuinely caring service, something you absolutely should be getting from your medical aid provider. Medical care is inescapably intimate, and companies that stomp through that intimate space as though they own it are missing the essential conduct that denotes care and real service provision. It is transparent and genuine service or no service at all.


Get an Online Quote for Affordable Medical Aid from KeyHealth

KeyHealth provides value to its members along a few simple routes. Firstly, we’re cost-effective. We’re highly competitive on price because we know this is a pain point for consumers. Secondly, we’re fond of straight talk. We allow you to deal with people, not the opposition. With us, you don’t have to know every procedure backwards and you don’t have to come cap in hand to our door. We’re your medical aid, and happy to be of service. It’s a different kind of business model.

KeyHealth has made service the lynchpin of our business, and that’s hard to beat. Get an online quote for affordable medical aid that is there when you need it and how you need it. Call on KeyHealth first - you’ll be mighty glad you did!