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Medical Aid Plans – Choosing Your Own Optimal Medical Aid Plan


Choosing Your Own Optimal Medical Aid Plan

Once upon a time, but not too long ago, medical aid plans were essentially insurance products that paid members a cash amount for every day spent in hospital, for the purpose of supplementing one’s income or helping to pay towards hospital expenses. This type of plan is still sold, although today it isn’t known as a medical aid plan, which has become something completely different and far more complex.

Group Medical Aid

Prior to medical aid schemes being restructured and reorganised in the 1990s, only group scheme membership was possible, provided that the company for which one worked signed up to its own group medical aid scheme.

Medical Aid for Professional Persons

Shortly thereafter, a few South African insurers began to offer medical aid plans to professional persons, but for a while, none of the emerging new medical aid companies offered private individual membership of a scheme. Things have changed though. Now, increasing numbers of individual medical aid members are signing up to schemes.

Adaptable Plans for Individual Members

Similarly, more and more people in this country are self-employed, requiring the flexibility of options, plans, and schemes that best suit their own unique requirements and needs, and which they can adapt annually as and when their personal and professional circumstances change.

Our Choice of Plans

At KeyHealth Medical Aid, we believe that you should have freedom of choice when medical aid is the matter in question. Various factors will influence your choice of our plans. When you’re young, fit, and healthy, you may not need a comprehensive option. A basic plan, such as Essence, may suit you to a T. The same would apply if you’re unable to afford an option that offers extensive benefits, but you still require hospital and PMB cover.

At the other end of the spectrum, our most comprehensive plan, the Platinum option, caters for far more. If extensive cover may be required at some stage, this plan’s ideal. Between Essence and Platinum, you’ll find KeyHealth’s Equilibrium, Silver and Gold options, and there’s definitely one of our medical aid plans that’s perfect for you.