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Medical Aid – Affordable Medical Aid for Young Adults


Why Healthy Young Adults Also Need Medical Aid

Once you’ve completed your schooling or tertiary education and your parents no longer support you, you enter the real world and the workplace, either as a young entrepreneur or perhaps as an employee of a company that doesn’t offer medical aid membership as part of employees’ remuneration packages. Then it’s time to join an affordable medical aid scheme; it’s the responsible thing to do.

If you’re lucky, you may never have suffered illnesses that required medical attention. “I never get sick; I’m very healthy; and I’m a young adult with a very strong immune system, so I don’t need medical aid” are statements often made by newly independent youths. While such positive sentiments may very well be historically accurate, it’s the latter part of the statement that’s concerning. It also reflects an incorrect understanding of exactly why people elect to have medical aid cover, what medical aid membership is, or how it works to your advantage.

Understanding Medical Aid

Essentially, medical aid cover is a type of insurance. In some ways, it’s fairly similar to motor vehicle insurance, except that the former is related to medical care, your health, and well-being. While no short-, medium-, or long-term insurance policy can guarantee that nothing negative will occur during the lifetime of the policy, it provides you with peace of mind and the assurance that you’ll have financial assistance in funding the cost of remedial action for which you submit a claim, according to the type and terms and conditions of your policy or plan. Typical insurance may include repairing or replacing your vehicle after accidental damage or destruction, replacing items stolen during a robbery or burglary, treating your illness or problem condition, medicines, hospitalisation, surgical procedures, and medical emergencies.

Life happens, unplanned, unforeseen, and unexpectedly; it can happen to you too, often at the worst possible time. No right-thinking person takes out any type of insurance cover with the intention of ever needing to claim, but without it, you could be sunk financially if the worst should happen. You hope you never need it, but it’s there if or when you do. Private medical aid cover is expensive, unless you join a company like KeyHealth, which offers excellent benefits at the lowest possible, affordable rates. As a fit, healthy young adult, your monthly medical aid contributions need not be prohibitive, because your day-to-day medical expenses will probably be minimal or non-existent. Hence, KeyHealth offers various affordable options. You may decide to select a plan that focuses on cover for eventualities, hospitalisation, and in-patient treatment, emergency situations and contingencies, instead of GP consultations and medicines, which you’re able to afford to pay out of pocket, because you seldom make use of these.

KeyHealth’s Plans

At KeyHealth Medical Aid, we believe in keeping medical aid simple and transparent, devoid of unnecessary, costly frills. We concentrate on what our members require – affordable medical aid cover and relevant services.
We have five plans from which to choose. The fundamentals of each is clearly listed on our web pages, for your convenience and easy selection. As a young adult, choose and pay for an affordable KeyHealth plan that suits your age, needs and income. Nothing more, nothing less.