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Key to Discovering Our Medical Aid

When you are looking for a new medical aid to join, you embark on a voyage of discovery, and you’ll be happy to discover our “no extraneous frills” medical aid, KeyHealth. You’re not alone; mankind has always sought to discover that which is better or at least an improvement on what they currently have at their disposal.

Discovery, Discoverers, and Inventors

The act of discovering implies that you’ve found, or come across, something significant and novel (to you or to the world at large), irrespective of whether the discovery is intentional or accidental, as has often been the case. Accidental discoveries may well occur purely by chance, being in the right place at the right time, but the unintended find must nevertheless be recognised as worthy for it to have an impact.

If the discovery is intentional, the discoverer usually follows a path of research and questioning of the status quo and how it may be improved upon. This leads to the acquisition of knowledge and facts that were previously unknown to the researcher, searcher, or others, and therefore incorporates a process of learning en route to the breakthrough, invention, and whatever was previously unknown or hidden.

Medical Discoverers

Medical discoverers or inventors abound in history; people such as Sir Alexander Fleming, Joseph Lister, Louis Pasteur, Pierre and Marie Curie, and William Harvey, to name only a few. It seems unclear who the inventor of medical aid funds may have been, but it appears that the initial medical schemes in South Africa were principally hospital cash plans, created during the 1980s. Within approximately ten years, some 49 000 people had contracted into these policies that were sold by insurance companies. However, medical aid schemes similar to those of today originated and were introduced in America in the 1950s, offering cover to offset the costs of major medical events, in addition to hospital plan payments.

Understanding Modern Medical Aids

In essence, a modern medical aid is somewhat similar to vehicle insurance in one aspect only; you never wish for damage to or loss of your car, but you’ll receive some insurance compensation if anything untoward happens, provided your premiums are up to date and terms and conditions are met. Likewise, medical aid members hope they’ll not become ill or develop a condition for which expensive medical intervention is required, but they have peace of mind in knowing that their medical aid fund will pay some or all of the costs incurred, should this become necessary, and depending on the type of policy. However, it’s important to note that some modern medical aids pay day-to-day medical service providers too on behalf of scheme members who pay monthly contributions, commensurate with the chosen policy type.

Why Discover KeyHealth – Our Medical Aid

State facilities are under-resourced and over-subscribed; you need medical aid cover because life happens, unexpected and unplanned illness and injury too. KeyHealth offers pure, simple, world-class medical aid cover with no peripheral frills that have little or nothing to do with medical costs/cover. It is simple, smart, transparent, and authentic; the core values of KeyHealth Medical Aid’s plan options to suit your needs and your pocket. Experience priceless peace of mind in understanding your cover and benefits today.