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KeyHealth Offers Medical Aid with Maternity Benefits Plus a Free Smart Baby Programme


While all South African schemes offer medical aid with maternity benefits, only one goes the extra mile to include a Smart Baby Programme free of charge. While we are discussing this subject, prospective members need to be aware that if they are already pregnant when joining a scheme, they will be exempt from receiving any related support for the first 12 months. That means no cover will be provided for the expectant mother during the ante-natal period or with the birth. However, the newborn infant will be entitled to support with those paediatric services included in the chosen product.

Should a new member fall pregnant during the membership year, she will qualify for help with all the maternity services defined by the product selected. Given that the total cost of a hospital birth could be R60 000 or more, it is impractical for a basic hospital plan and most other low-priced options to include support with pregnancies. Nevertheless, KeyHealth offers a solution to assist with the unique demands and the high costs inevitably faced by new parents.


The Smart Baby Programme Adds Value to Medical Aid with Maternity Benefits at No Charge

Even if you can only afford our entry-level hospital plan and intend to give birth at home, KeyHealth has added a unique free facility to assist you. Together with our gratis Health Booster and Easy-ER add-ons, the “Smart Baby Programme”  is included with every KeyHealth product.

The latter has been designed to provide peace of mind for expectant mothers- and fathers-to-be with support and general advice regarding relevant health and wellness issues. The main provisions of the programme are:

  • Cover for short/co-payments for antenatal visits, scans and birthing fees
  • Access to any hospital’s emergency room, including Netcare 911’s 24-hour Health-on-Line service
  • Details of other KeyHealth maternity benefits and how to access them
  • The New Baby & Childcare Handbook for first-time parents


The Unique Smart Baby Features that Enhance Medical Aid with Maternity Benefits

In addition to those provided by day-to-day benefits and medical savings accounts, the programme offers the following extras:

  • Twelve Antenatal visits by a GP or gynaecologist and dipstick tests, including one post-partum
  • Two ultrasound scans
  • Antenatal classes to the value of R2 300 for the first pregnancy
  • Antenatal vitamins to the value of R2 300 per pregnancy
  • Two paediatrician visits during the first year of the baby’s registration


Register for Enhanced Medical Aid with Maternity Benefits

When you join any KeyHealth option and plan to start a family, click here to register for our Smart Baby Programme and enjoy the care you most need.