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Get Medical Aid with Maternity Benefits in 2022


Are you planning to start a family sooner or later? Do you wish to get medical aid with maternity benefits that will help you pay for the costs of pregnancy and giving birth?

At KeyHealth, we offer three free additional benefits with any and all of our medical aid packages. One of which is called the Smart Baby Programme that’s relevant to every mother-to-be.

If you’re looking for affordable, entry-level medical aid that provides maternity benefits, see our Origin Option.


What Is the Smart Baby Programme?

Not only is this free additional benefit a means to assist with covering certain maternity medical bills, but it is also a way in which the scheme can provide guidance and support to new and inexperienced parents so that their new family’s every need is met.

This benefit offers a range of support measures to pregnant parents. It adds value to every medical aid at KeyHealth in the following ways:

  • The New Baby & Childcare Handbook, written by Marina Petropulos, for first-time mothers-to-be.
  • Vital information and a way to receive answers to general childcare- and pregnancy-related questions through our Smart Baby Group on Facebook.
  • Regular communication during the pregnancy to provide crucial support.
  • Access to KeyHealth’s maternity benefit information, as well as how to get approved for these benefits.
  • Important information about the baby’s first year, including vaccinations, Easy-ER and more.

Additionally, a benefit worth a set amount is offered under the Smart Baby Programme to cover short- or co-payments for services relating to ante-natal visits and pregnancy sonars. You can also use the benefit to purchase a breast pump, baby monitor, nasal aspirator or thermometer.


How to Sign Up

To benefit from the Smart Baby Programme, registration can be done during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. To register, you will need to provide your membership number and which option of medical aid you are a member of. From the Origin option upwards, three days in hospital in a private ward are covered for natural births only.

The full name, surname, contact details, and identification numbers of both the principal and expecting member are required for registering. The mom-to-be has to fill in the number of babies she is pregnant with, whether it is the first child she is carrying, and the due date for giving birth.

Lastly, members need to provide the details of the doctor who will be treating the pregnancy, including their name, practice number and contact information. Learn more about this amazing benefit here and get the registration form here.


More Maternity Benefits with KeyHealth’s Health Booster and Easy-ER

Easy-ER is a free additional benefit that offers all members, including babies, access to any hospital’s emergency room in case of an emergency. What’s more is that children get a special card, which allows them to be treated, even if they end up having to go to the hospital without a guardian present. This means that your young one will get the help they need regardless of when a medical emergency may arise.

The Health Booster, which is the last of the three free additional benefits, offers multiple advantages pertaining to maternity, which include:

  • Twelve ante-natal visits to your GP, gynaecologist or a midwife.
  • One pregnancy scan before 24-weeks and one after at a general practitioner or gynaecologist.
  • Three paediatrician visits of which two are for the infant’s first year and one for the second year.
  • A set amount of cover for ante-natal vitamins for each time you’re pregnant.
  • Ante-natal classes cover for the first pregnancy, also at a set limit.
  • Three baby growth assessments per year for beneficiaries 35 months and younger.
  • Baby immunisation, which applies to dependants younger than six years old.

It is important to note that pre-authorisation and notification are a must to be eligible for maternity claims on the Health Booster.


Get a Medical Aid with Maternity Benefits Today and Start Planning for the Future

Not every pregnancy is planned. But, whether it sneaks up on you or has been planned in advance, the costs of having a child can be overwhelming. Thus, it’s wise to get medical aid with maternity benefits for unexpected or expected pregnancies.

Join KeyHealth by filling in the application form online, and rest assured that should you have children, per choice or perchance, your maternity bills will be covered giving you an enjoyable, stress-free pregnancy.