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Medical Aid With Dental Benefits


Have you considered getting a medical aid with dental benefits for you and your family this year? If not, it’s time to add it to your priority list.

Not everyone is equally susceptible to falling ill. Many people go through life without having to make numerous trips to GPs, pharmacies or hospitals. Thus, healthcare insurance isn’t necessarily on your mind. However, a dentist is one practitioner no one can avoid for too long, and dental treatments can be extremely costly to pay out of your pocket.

Due to this, many people tend to neglect their teeth which results in more serious dental issues that need to be tended to. This may leave you with regret, and even more pricey bills to fix the damage as a consequence of irregular visits to your dentist.

All of our medical aid packages, excluding the Essence Option, include certain dental benefits, ranging from basic to advanced cover. This means that you don’t have to avoid essential dentistry as the expenses can be covered when you sign up for comprehensive medical cover.


How Does KeyHealth Dental Cover Work?

All dentistry claims at the scheme are handled through a third party, called DENIS. There are three types of dental benefits available in our medical aids, including:

  • Conservative dentistry
  • Specialised dentistry
  • Hospitalisation and anaesthetics

The first is the most basic cover, which is included from the entry-level Origin medical aid option and upwards. Conservative, otherwise known as routine, dentistry is for identifying, treating and preventing diseases that have to do with teeth and gums. It also features cover for fixing teeth with defects.

The second is specialised- or advanced dentistry. This type of cover is for the replacement of teeth, as well as teeth repairs where fillings are not a viable option. An example is when a crown is needed. Orthodontist visits also fall under specialised dentistry. Our Gold and Platinum packages offer specialised dentistry cover.

The third type of benefit is for procedures that can only be done under IV-conscious sedation or general anaesthetics. Special conditions are applicable to each type of dentistry treatment covered. Make sure you read and understand these before selecting your medical aid option.


Apply for a Medical Aid with Dental Benefits

Don’t neglect regular and all-inclusive dental care any longer. Choose a cover option that’s affordable, yet allows visits to your dentist when needed.

Sign up for a membership with KeyHealth and gain hassle-free and comprehensive access to the healthcare you require.