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Want An All-Inclusive and No-Nonsense Medical Aid? Try Our Platinum Option


Are you tired of hearing about all kinds of benefits and add-ons from medical representatives? Do you wish to get the full package, without any hidden clauses? If yes, then it’s time you consider a medical aid package at KeyHealth.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and share all information freely and directly on our website for potential members to peruse. Our plans are simple and easy to understand, but still comprehensive and relevant. All jargon terminology is clearly defined in a glossary, available here.

If you’re interested in getting full cover in 2022, the Platinum Option at KeyHealth is the best choice. Read on to find out why.


Platinum Option Medical Aid – Benefits and How to Apply

This is the plan for you if you want a complete, no-nonsense medical aid that covers you in every way. See the following list of fully covered benefits with an unlimited claim value:

  • All healthcare fees at any of our DSP hospitals are fully covered with a 30% co-payment if a third-party hospital is used.
  • Any injuries sustained due to accidents.
  • Specialist services at scheme-specified healthcare providers in hospital.
  • The treatment and diagnosing of cancer-related issues.
  • Dialysis in case of kidney failure with individual case management and certain protocols applicable.
  • Costs related to organ transplants and the immunosuppressant medications used to assist the body to accept the new organs.
  • Regular and specialised dental treatments with DENIS protocols and scheme rules applicable.
  • Mandatory chronic disease list conditions of which there are 26 in total.
  • Subject to the correct conditions being met, the Platinum Option Medical aid covers all implants used to replace damaged or missing body parts with internal or external devices.
  • Road or air emergency transport from accident scenes or necessary hospital transfers is also included.
  • Scopes are fully covered if using a DSP hospital or Onecare Specialist at a doctor’s room.
  • Prescribed minimum benefits included in all medical aids.
  • Easy-ER free additional benefit, unique to KeyHealth.

If you’re ready to apply for this comprehensive healthcare plan, visit our application page for the Platinum Option medical aid and get in touch with a representative who will guide you through the sign-up process.


3 More Disaster and Major Expenses

Apart from the unlimited value benefits that fall under disaster and major expenses, there are three more with set PFPA (per family per annum) benefit value limits on claims. These include cover for MRI scans and CT scans, whether done at a hospital or other healthcare practitioner. Members should note that a set amount co-payment is required for every scan.

Additionally, members with a Platinum medical aid receive cover for rehabilitation after an operation or procedure, with each case to be studied individually and subject to certain protocols that apply to claims.

Another benefit in this category is the wound care services, aimed at assisting wound healing and the prevention of complications in wounds.


Day-to-Day Benefits Included in the Package

For those looking for medical aid with ample day-to-day benefits, otherwise known as out-of-hospital cover, the Platinum Option offers many. Each of these has its own allocated annual amount, which is available for claims and can be seen on the package’s page.

The day-to-day cover includes routine medical expenses related to general practitioner visits and specialist consultations, covering various treatments and medication. If the allocated amount has been used up, the self-payment gap applies. This means members will need to pay a certain amount to unlock the Threshold Zone, which then allows them additional cover amounts for routine medical expenses.

Furthermore, the benefit of optical services or, put simply, treatment related to eye issues, is also available with certain protocols and rules that apply for claiming. The last out-of-hospital benefit that forms part of this health cover option is pathology services, of which members will have to make a 20% co-payment on claims, and is subject to routine benefits.


Want to Know More? Ask KeyHealth

If this seems like a great deal to you, then you’ll be delighted to know there’s more included in the Platinum medical aid at KeyHealth. This includes two more supplementary benefits, as well as the Smart Baby Programme, Health Booster and Easy-ER.

Read about the details of the above benefits online, or speak to KeyHealth directly for assistance.