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Medical Aid With Optometry Benefits Ensures Your Eyes Receive the Care They Need


Of the body’s five senses, our eyesight is the one on which we depend most. Choose a medical aid with optometry benefits to ensure it is adequately protected. Despite the importance of good vision, most people tend to ignore it until their eyes show the telltale signs they might be failing. While this may be partly due to embarrassment and a reluctance to be seen wearing spectacles, many people simply can’t afford the services of an optometrist.

Currently, approximately 14,6% of South Africans wear glasses or contact lenses, but global statistics suggest that, in most countries, around half of the population has defective vision. While there is a general lack of awareness of the need for regular eye tests, KeyHealth believes the cost of corrective measures should not prevent people from getting the care they need. With that in mind, we have developed several options to assist them.


A Hospital Plan Can Provide Medical Aid with Optometry Benefits

The hospital plan was initially developed to assist young people with good general health but insufficient income to pay for a more comprehensive option. It protected the member from the crippling costs of a medical emergency or accident that required hospitalisation and surgery. However, day-to-day living expenses are constantly increasing, and medical schemes have had to find ways to keep premiums affordable. One option has been to extend the basic hospital plan by adding selected benefits to provide members with more comprehensive cover.

Keyhealth’s Origin is an unlimited hospital plan with a difference – it can also help members to meet the cost of looking after their eyesight. Although this product does not include cover for refractive eye surgery, it grants R130 per beneficiary per annum to purchase over-the-counter reading glasses. In addition, subject to day-to-day benefits, it contributes to the cost of the following essential optical services:

  • Vision tests
  • Spectacle frames
  • Spectacle lenses
  • Contact lenses


Medical Aid with Optometry Benefits Paid From a Medical Savings Account

Our Equilibrium option could be the answer for those who want more freedom of choice and may wish to decide how best to allocate their day-to-day benefits. Members who select this product will have a fixed portion of the monthly premium assigned to a medical savings account. The resulting cash pool may then be drawn upon when required and used as the member wishes. Any unused amount will be carried over to the following year’s savings.

Like Origin, this product provides no benefit for refractive eye surgery. However, cash from the medical savings account can be used to pay for eye tests, frames, spectacle lenses or contact lenses. If a biannual vision test reveals no problems, the savings may be used for other healthcare services, such as over-the-counter medications, or as the member decides.


Fully Comprehensive Medical Aid with Optometry Benefits

Those with a little more disposable income generally seek more comprehensive coverage from their medical scheme. KeyHealth offers these individuals its Silver, Gold and Platinum options to cater for those additional requirements. Each of the three products provides progressively more financial support for optical services based on the monthly premium price. Let’s take a closer look at what each has to offer the member.

  • KeyHealth Silver: This product still precludes cover for corrective laser eye and lens surgery. However, the Silver option contributes more towards the primary optical services than either the Origin or Equilibrium options.
  • KeyHealth Gold: In keeping with the higher value of this precious metal, members choosing the Gold product will qualify for double the value of the optometry benefits included with the Silver option. Members must seek pre-authorisation before opting to undergo refractive eye surgery but are free to use the available benefit to help pay for it.
  • KeyHealth Platinum: This is our flagship product. Platinum is the solution for those members who prefer to leave nothing to chance and wish to cater for every possible contingency. The optometry benefits are exceptional and perfect for a large family where several members have vision problems. In addition to increased support for basic optical services, Platinum provides R12 200 per beneficiary biannually for pre-authorised refractive eye surgery.


More Than Medical Aid with Optometry Benefits

In addition to financial support for eyecare, each product described above includes three additional benefits free of charge. Why not join Keyhealth today and start experiencing the medical aid cover you need and can afford?