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2023 Benefits

In 2023 KeyHealth is building on the value foundation created in 2022.

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In 2023 Keyhealth is building on the value foundation created in 2022 to give you even more rich benefits.

We are driven by the question, “How can we give our members more?” More health cover for everyone you love. More health care for every time you need us, more simplicity in a world of chaos and confusion, and more value for every rand you spend.

We are doing all this to ensure that, as our member, you experience real value that speaks for itself each time you encounter us.
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Benefits Improvements for 2023

For 2023 we have enhanced or improved our benefits and introduced a range of exciting initiatives, including the Integrated Care Programme comprising, among others – member home monitoring, hospital@home, and Centres of Excellence for the treatment of those of our members at severe or high risk of illness.

This programme allows the Scheme to offer you, our member, an integrated healthcare management system with positive outcomes, including reduced hospital admissions, shorter hospital stays, reduced cost of care, and improved satisfaction and experience.

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Besides the Integrated Care Programme, KeyHealth has also:

Increased the value of its benefits by 6.5% for 2023.

Increased the rate for sonar scans on all options.

Introduced higher reimbursement rates for network specialists.

Introduced higher gynaecologist consultation rates for PAP smears on all options.

Enhanced fees for General Practitioners (GPs) servicing severe & high-risk members.