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Are You Looking for a Medical Aid With Generous Maternity Benefits?


Most young couples dream of starting a family, but it can pose problems. Ensuring your medical aid has good maternity benefits could provide peace of mind. First, you should be aware that most providers will not extend such benefits to any member pregnant at the time of joining and normally provides cover only in the second year of membership. Consequently, you might want to consider delaying your planned addition until you are enrolled.

However, suppose it should be too late to qualify, and you need cover regardless. In that case, you can console yourself with the knowledge that all members are entitled to join the KeyHealth Smart Baby Programme and enjoy its benefits at no charge, irrespective of which of our six products they may choose or the premium price.

The programme is one of three free core benefits open to all KeyHealth medical aid members. They will also have access to a Health Booster programme providing free vaccinations, anti-malarial medication, various screening tests and lots more, while the Easy-ER programme is designed to facilitate our members’ access to emergency medical services in the event of an acute illness or injury that may be life-threatening or pose severe long-term consequences. The main benefits of the Smart Baby Programme include the following:

  • The New Baby & Childcare Handbook, a publication for first-time moms by Marina Petropulos.
  • 12 Antenatal Visits: These cover GP, midwife and gynaecologist visits, dipstick urine tests and two ultrasound scans.
  • Three Paediatric Visits: Two during the first membership year and one in the following year.
  • Access to the Netcare 911 Health-on-line Service, a 24-hour facility providing medical advice and information.

In addition, all qualifying medical aid members will be granted R1 370 towards medical expenses and items for the baby, R2 320 for antenatal vitamins for each pregnancy and an equal sum for antenatal classes during the first pregnancy. While these benefits may fall short of fully meeting your pre- and post-natal requirements, they can be invaluable to those expectant moms who might otherwise qualify for none.

In addition, most of our other medical aid products offer more extensive maternity benefits for members still in the planning stage. Furthermore, if you decide to invest in any of our products, this will not exclude you from participating in the KeyHealth Smart Baby Programme.

If you need help with your private healthcare costs, why not join KeyHealth today? If you are pregnant or planning a family, you could also complete the online registration form and benefit from those unique free services ASAP.