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Get a Medical Aid with Free Additional Benefits


Instead of just the regular PMBs and chronic disease list covered in all healthcare plans, we offer medical aid with free additional benefits. Whether you select the least expensive Essence Option or the all-inclusive Platinum Option, you receive extra in your KeyHealth package.

The Free Additional Benefits We Offer Include:

  • Easy-ER
  • Health Booster
  • Smart Baby Program


Access to Any Hospital’s ER

The Easy-ER benefit that forms part of the free additional benefits available with all medical aid packages at KeyHealth, allows members to visit any hospital’s emergency room without added, unexpected costs. This applies to all ages, and children get their own special card for admittance. Cases like car accidents, sports injuries or other similar types of sudden and unexpected occurrences are considered to be emergencies for this type of cover. Read the full details of requirements on our website.


Preventative Care for All Members

The Health Booster benefit is to detect illnesses early on and helps members receive preventative care for certain diseases. There is a set limit for this type of claim, but it does not fall under the day-to-day benefits of packages. See the terms and conditions for use of the Health-Booster for full details on what’s covered.


Advantages for Pregnant Women

Also included in all our medical aid packages is the Smart Baby Program. With this cover, members get multiple advantages that will assist them through pregnancy, including a handbook for first-time mothers, as well as free advice on childcare and pregnancy on the KeyHealth Smart Baby Facebook page. A set amount of cover for short payments on ante-natal visits to specified practitioners also forms part of this program. To gain access to the Smart Baby Program, after a medical aid membership has been agreed upon, pregnant women only have to fill in this simple form to register for this benefit.


Choose a Medical Aid with Free Additional Benefits

KeyHealth’s available options are all affordable and offer many advantages to their members. Contact us for more information and one of our representatives will gladly provide you with what you need to know to help you make your final decision. Join the scheme today and choose an option that is right for you.