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Health Booster

A program available on all options to provide Beneficiaries with certain additional benefits, at no extra cost to Members, for preventative care:

  • Only the benefits stated in the Benefit Structure under Health Booster, and applicable to that particular benefit option, will be paid by the Scheme; up to a maximum rand value which is determined according to specific tariff codes.


  • Members qualify automatically for Health Booster benefits according to the set criteria.
    - However, pre-authorisation is required in order to access the Maternity benefits on Health Booster. Contact the Client Service Centre on 0860 671 050 and obtain pre-authorisation.
    (Failing to do this will result in the service costs being deducted from day-to-day benefits.);
    - When maternity related claims are submitted by providers, these claims should specify the relevant ICD10 code as contained in the pre-authorisation letter;
    - Verify the tariff code or maximum rand value with the Call Centre Consultant;
    - Inform the relevant service provider accordingly.

Screening tests:

  • One of the benefits available on the Health Booster program is the Health Assessment.
  • This assessment comprises the following screening tests:
    - Body Mass Index (BMI);
    - Blood sugar (finger prick test);
    - Total Cholesterol (finger prick test);
    - Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic);
    - Prostate Phlebotomy for PSA;
  • Rapid Semi-Quantitive Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test (finger prick).
  • Principal Members and their Adult Dependants are entitled to one Health Assessment per calendar year and must have the screening tests done at a KeyHealth DSP pharmacy.
  • A Health Assessment (HA) form can be obtained at any KeyHealth DSP pharmacy or downloaded from KeyHealth’s website at www.keyhealthmedical.co.za.
  • No authorisation is required for these screening tests.
  • Results of these screening tests can be submitted by either the Member or the service provider and must be faxed to 012 679 4471.