Health Booster

A program available on all options to provide Beneficiaries with certain additional benefits, at no extra cost to Members, for preventative care:

  • Only the benefits stated in the Benefit Structure under Health Booster, and applicable to that particular benefit option, will be paid by the Scheme; up to a maximum rand value which is determined according to specific tariff codes.


  • Members qualify automatically for Health Booster benefits according to the set criteria.
    - However, pre-authorisation is required in order to access the Maternity benefits on Health Booster. Contact the Client Service Centre on 0860 671 050 and obtain pre-authorisation.
    (Failing to do this will result in the service costs being deducted from day-to-day benefits.);
    - When maternity related claims are submitted by providers, these claims should specify the relevant ICD10 code as contained in the pre-authorisation letter;
    - Verify the tariff code or maximum rand value with the Call Centre Consultant;
    - Inform the relevant service provider accordingly.

Screening tests:

  • One of the benefits available on the Health Booster program is the Health Assessment.
  • This assessment comprises the following screening tests:
    - Body Mass Index (BMI);
    - Blood sugar (finger prick test);
    - Total Cholesterol (finger prick test);
    - Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic);
    - Prostate Phlebotomy for PSA;
  • Rapid Semi-Quantitive Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test (finger prick).
  • Principal Members and their Dependants are entitled to one Health Assessment per calendar year and must have the screening tests done at any pharmacy.
  • A Health Assessment (HA) form can be downloaded from KeyHealth’s website
  • No authorisation is required for these screening tests.
  • Results of these screening tests can be submitted by either the Member or the service provider and must be faxed to 012 679 4471 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Baby immunisation Child Dependants ≥ 6 - as required by the Department of Health. 
Flu vaccinations All Beneficiaries.
Tetanus diphtheria injection All Beneficiaries - as and when required
Pneumococcal vacination All Beneficiaries.
Pap smear (Pathologist) Female Beneficiaries aged ≥ 15 - once per year
Pap smear (consultation; GP or Gynaecologist) Female Beneficiaries aged ≥ 15 - once per year
Mammogram Female Beneficiaries aged ≥ 40 - once per year
Prostate specific antigen (Pathologist) Male Beneficiaries aged ≥ 40 - once per year
HIV/AIDS test (Pathologist) Beneficiaries aged ≥ 15 - once per year
Health Assessment (HA) All Beneficiaries per year
Body mass index, Blood pressure measurement, Cholesterol test (finger prick), Blood sugar test (finger prick) Adult beneficiaries – once per year
Weight Loss Program

For all Beneficiaries when the Health Assesments BMI is ≥ 30:

  • 3 x Dietician consultations (one per week)
  • 3 x Additional dietcian consultations (one per week, provided that a weight loss chart was received from dietician providing weight loss after first three weeks.)
  • One biokineticist consultation (to create a home exercise programme for the Member).
  • 1 x follow-up consultation with biokineticist.
Antenatal visits (GP or Gynaecologist) & urine test (dipstick) Female Beneficiaries. Pre-notification of and pre-authorisation by the Scheme compulsory. Twelve (2) pregnancy scans.
Scans (one before the 24th week and one there-after) Female Beneficiaries. Pre-notification of and pre-authorisation by the Scheme compulsory. Two (2) pregnancey scans.
Paediatrician visits Baby registered on Scheme. Two (2) visits in baby's 1st year.
*Pre-authorisation essential to access benefits