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Expert Advice on How to Get Affordable Medical Aid in 2022


It’s no secret that healthcare in South Africa is costly and finding an affordable medical scheme can be challenging. To add to this, complex industry jargon often complicates the process. How do you know if the scheme will pay up when the time comes? Does the insurance option you’ve selected really cover the treatments you require?

With KeyHealth, members can get affordable medical aid in 2022 that covers all their needs. The scheme’s latest solvency ratio, recorded in 2020, measures 52,2%, which is more than double the minimum percentage required by law. This, in turn, assures members that, should they require healthcare assistance, the cost of their medical requirements will be covered.

KeyHealth also prides itself on offering its members transparency, especially when it comes to explaining jargon terms that you will come across in selecting your preferred option.


Get Affordable Medical Aid in 2022 – Take the Necessary Steps

The first step to getting affordable medical aid is to start by making a list of the medication and treatments your family requires on a regular basis. Don’t forget to plan for the future and consider the possibility of illnesses or accidents that might occur at some point. It’s also wise to scope out your surroundings and take note of the hospitals, pharmacists and general practitioners in your area as it will help when considering the DSPs (Designated Service Providers) of a scheme.

With all KeyHealth packages, beneficiaries get the free additional ‘Easy ER’ benefit, which allows them to visit the emergency room of any hospital, be it a DSP or not – in case of emergencies.


7 Tips to Finding the Right Cover Option:

  • Allocate only a tenth of your salary each month in 2022 to spend on health cover.
  • Consider meeting a medical broker for personal advice on choosing a suitable option.
  • Only opt for a hospital plan if you’re generally healthy and still in the early years of adulthood with minimal dependants.
  • If you’re older and have more serious health issues, it’s smart to pick an all-inclusive package.
  • Get a health check-up before comparing the available options to know what you need.
  • Learn the basic terms used in medical aids for a better understanding of how each works.
  • Join early on to avoid ‘late joiner penalties’, but don’t make a rushed decision.


2022 Medical Aid Packages Available at KeyHealth

With six excellent options to choose from, there’s a package that’s perfect for every household. Choices range from simple hospital cover to full all-inclusive plans:

  • Essence – If you’re looking for a budget-friendly plan that’s mostly for emergencies, while still covering all the prescribed minimum benefits and 26 Chronic Disease List conditions, this plan is an impeccable choice.
  • Origin – The Origin plan allows for a slightly larger budget on certain procedures, as well as adding day-to-day benefits. A good pick for those needing a bit more from their medical aid, but still looking to pay a smaller monthly premium.
  • EquilibriumThis affordable option adds unlimited benefits for certain dental treatments, not included in either of the previously mentioned cover options. Certain terms and conditions apply to the dentistry cover, which you can read about on the designated page for this option. It also includes three additional chronic condition medications that don’t form part of the CDL for persons under 21 years of age only.
  • Silver – The first of the premium packages includes rehabilitation cover, with conditions that apply. Also added to this affordable premium medical aid is the provisional cover of healthcare treatments and appliances to support wound healing and prevent complications of wounds.
  • Gold –The Gold option includes the unlimited benefit of provision for specialised dentistry, with a 20% co-payment as a condition for use. It also adds medication cover for conditions on the Chronic Disease List as well as 18 additional conditions not on the list,
  • Platinum – Our most comprehensive option in 2022 offers a full range of benefits, including unlimited benefits for dialysis and organ transplant cover. This package is great if you have a larger budget to spend on a health plan, increased medical needs or several dependants.


Start 2022 off in Good Health

All of our packages include three free additional benefits, including the Easy ER, the Health Booster, which is for detecting illnesses and ailments early on and preventing such conditions, and the Smart Baby programme, related to pregnancy care.

Join the scheme today and get affordable medical aid in 2022 to make your family’s health and wellbeing the highlight of the new year.