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Need Health Insurance? Apply Online For Medical Aid In 2022


Do you frequently visit your local GP and often fall ill? Do you feel like you just can’t keep up with the high costs of medical bills? Perhaps it’s time to find an alternative – a way to get the healthcare you and your family need without maxing out your monthly budget.

The solution is simple: Apply online for medical aid in 2022.


Apply Online for the Platinum Option at KeyHealth

There are various cover options to choose from, but when your medical needs are ample or you are already diagnosed with a chronic condition and your monthly healthcare expenses are high, it’s better to opt for a full-cover package. Though it might seem expensive initially, it makes sense to invest in a medical aid that provides complete coverage when you consider your expenses if you were to pay in cash to receive treatment.


Do You Get Hospital Cover with this Plan?

When you apply for the Platinum option, you get unlimited benefits for all in-hospital treatments done at the scheme’s two Designated Service Providers – Netcare and Life Healthcare.

This means there are no extra costs involved when you visit the hospital. It’s all covered in your medical plan. You will only be required to make a co-payment when you choose to visit a different hospital than our DSPs. In this case, you will be liable to cover only 30% of the bill.

However, because of the Easy ER (free additional benefit) offered by the scheme, you are also free to visit an ER of a non-DSP if an emergency occurs without having to make a co-payment.


Additionally, you receive the following unlimited benefits with the Platinum option when you apply in 2022:

  • Full cover for the hospitalisation and treatment of accidental injuries, as most of these are Prescribed Minimum Benefits.
  • All specialist services during hospitalisation, provided the specialists are within the network of the scheme.
  • Oncology-related costs, including the diagnosis of any type of cancer, as well as the treatment thereof.
  • Dialysis treatment when certain protocols and criteria of the scheme are met.
  • Complete cover for receiving a transplant, including immunosuppressant medication.


Furthermore, members have limited cover for MRI and CT scans, with a small co-payment applicable per scan. This applies to in-hospital or out-of-hospital scans. Additionally, you receive a set limit for wound care and rehabilitation benefits. See the details of all the major medical expenses that are covered.


Day-to-Day Benefits Offered by the Platinum Option

With this excellent medical aid, available for application online in 2022, there are also multiple day-to-day benefits. These are your out-of-hospital treatments, such as GP visits, medicine bought over the counter, physiotherapy, x-rays, pathology, optical services, and more. This benefit includes separate values for your dependants as well, ensuring that your whole family has access to the necessary routine healthcare every month.


Unlimited Value for Dentistry Benefits

Some medical aids will not cover dentistry costs. However, with our 2022 Platinum option, members get the provision of basic treatments as well as specialised treatments covered up to 80%. Specialised services include treatments, such as crowns and bridges and orthodontic procedures, among others. Certain conditions apply to claim for the dentistry cover.


More Advantages when Applying for this Medical Aid in 2022

The Platinum option also offers members cover for various supplementary services, which include prosthetics, medical equipment, hearing devices, scopes and transport by ambulance in case of emergency.

Moreover, all PMBs and CDL conditions are covered as per the law governing health insurance schemes, as well as additional chronic conditions not on the list. Also on offer are the free additional benefits of preventative treatment for certain serious diseases including HIV testing, malaria medication, and more. Another reason to select this cover option is that you get the advantage of our Smart Baby Programme, specially included for pregnancy.

KeyHealth emphasises a focus on transparency and back-to-basics medical aid options that are free from misguided fringe benefits, leaving you with comprehensive, clear and smart medical aid cover that you can rely on. Our simple online application process ensures that you can get covered quick and hassle-free. Get in touch and apply online for medical aid in 2022 at KeyHealth today.