Smart Baby Program

About Smart Baby

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting and special times in any family’s life. Smart Baby is there to make this experience even more special by offering great maternity benefits, support, general advice on health and wellness, and simply making the journey as enjoyable as possible for you.

More than just offering medical peace-of-mind for expectant mothers, Smart Baby is also KeyHealth’s way of making mothers- (and fathers-to-be!) feel special by providing them with the necessary guidance when it’s needed most.


The KeyHealth Smart Baby program provides mothers access to the following:

  • For first-time mothers The New Baby & Childcare Handbook by Marina Petropulos to assist during this exciting time.
  • Access to the KeyHealth Smart Baby Facebook group providing valuable information and answers to questions regarding the pregnancy and general childcare.
  • Regular, valuable communication during the pregnancy.
  • Information regarding KeyHealth’s maternity benefits available to mothers and babies (e.g. antenatal visits, vitamins and classes, ultrasounds, etc.) and how to access these benefits.

Information applicable to baby’s first year (e.g. vaccinations, Easy-ER, etc.).

How to register on Smart Baby

Mothers-to-be can register on the Smart Baby program by completing the registration form –please click here.
Completed registration forms can be e-mailed to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or faxed to 012 679 4471.
Alternatively members can phone the Pre-authorisation Department on 0860 671 060 to register.

  • When phoning, members will need to provide the following information:
  • Membership number and option
  • Principal member full name and surname
  • Full Name, Surname and ID number of Mom-to-be
  • Cell phone number and e-mail address of Mom-to-be
  • Treating doctor’s name and practice number
  • Expected date of delivery
  • Number of babies expected