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Choose KeyHealth Medical Aid Cover and Ensure More Value for Every Rand You Spend


It’s not hard to explain why so many South Africans choose KeyHealth medical aid cover. They simply want the best possible value for their monthly premiums. Operating a medical scheme is a numbers game. These non-profit organisations need a sufficiently large membership to ensure they remain solvent and can always pay their members’ claims timeously and in full.

Some companies offer incentives like discounts on shopping, movie tickets or gym memberships to boost their numbers. However, although this can be an effective strategy, those so-called freebies must be paid for by raising premiums or limiting core benefits. By contrast, tThe KeyHealth policy focuses on improving core benefits, thus ensuring all our members receive the maximum value for their hard-earned cash. They are paying for private healthcare cover, so providing the best that money can buy remains our priority.


Proven Reliability is the Hallmark of KeyHealth Medical Aid Cover

In the ‘60s, almost 200 medical schemes were operating in South Africa. Today, however, that number has dwindled to just 75. Trading as a not-for-profit entity not only requires good governance, but the Council for Medical Schemes  (CMS) requires its members to maintain at least 25% of their annual premium income as a cash reserve, a figure known as the solvency ratio. In addition, they need to be prepared for the unexpected. A situation such as the recent pandemic could lead to a massive increase in total claims and exhaust cash reserves, making it necessary to raise extra capital urgently. Consequently, medical schemes must also maintain an excellent international credit rating.

The high attrition rate in this industry was due to forced closures and mergers, and only the fittest have survived. As one of only two open schemes that can claim to have served South Africans for 55 years, there can be little doubt that we have earned their trust. Of course, a solvency ratio of more than double the CMS requirement and an AA- international credit rating also help to inspire member confidence.


When Choosing KeyHealth Medical Aid Cover, You Get More Than You Paid For

We offer a choice of six quality products ranging from Essence, a hospital plan, to Platinum, our fully comprehensive flagship product. In practice, there’s nothing basic about KeyHealth cover. Our entry-level hospital plan includes several valuable extras. Furthermore, whichever product you choose, you will also have access to three unique core benefits, Easy-ER, Health Booster and Smart Baby Programme, free of charge. But don’t take our word for it. Why not take the opportunity to view our 2023 benefits, premium prices and more details about those genuine freebies?