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Now You can Request an Online Medical Aid Quote in Just a Few Easy Steps


When seeking private healthcare cover, you need to know what you’re getting and how much it costs. Fortunately, one can now obtain a medical aid quote online. The World Wide Web has evolved from a free source of valuable information to an advanced interactive facility responsible for transforming many aspects of our daily lives.

Company executives now meet with their clients and overseas colleagues for a few Rands rather than spending thousands on travel and accommodation. At the same time, internet banking has led to branch closures and an increasingly cashless society. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people now choose to do their shopping online. However, while it’s generally acceptable to order groceries and most basic consumer goods without inspecting them first, one needs to take a lot more care when ordering services via the web.


Ways to Get a Medical Aid Quote

To get the information you need, you could walk into the offices of a nearby medical scheme and speak with a consultant. Alternatively, you could let your fingers do the walking and dial several companies. However, the smart option is to use the internet. While there are currently 75 active medical schemes in South Africa, only 18 are so-called open schemes, able to accept applications by self-employed individuals and those not covered by an employer’s group membership.

All schemes operate a website, which includes a facility to request an online quotation. More importantly, visiting the site will allow a potential member to view the benefits included with each of the service provider’s products. One needs only to enter a few personal details into an online form and click a button to generate a quotation. Furthermore, if you use one of the comparison sites, that same action will generate quotes from multiple schemes simultaneously.


The Value of a Medical Aid Quote Extends Beyond the Price Tag

The good old days when one could fill a supermarket trolley with three months’ groceries for less than R1000 are long gone. Instead, South Africans are now on the brink of a financial recession. Understandably, every cent now counts, but there is also a danger that one might be sacrificing quality by focusing solely on affordability. A cheaper cut of meat or a smaller car might be perfectly acceptable under the prevailing circumstances. However, it could be a serious mistake to scrimp on the financial support for your private healthcare, especially in light of the escalating cost of hospitalisation, treatment and medication.

The safe approach to comparing the quotations you receive is to use the price only as a guideline. Don’t simply opt for the product with the lowest monthly premium. Instead, it would be more practical to examine all those products that fall within your available monthly budget in more detail. You might be surprised to find that, for an extra hundred Rand or so, you can obtain all the protection you and your family might need without breaking the bank. The bottom line is that you can never have too much cover, only too little, and the latter could be a disaster. You can only be sure that you and your loved ones will be adequately protected by reviewing the benefits of each quoted product in detail.


Evaluating the Benefits of Your Medical Aid Quote

The benefits of any item determine its true value rather than its price, which is particularly relevant when comparing medical schemes and their products. In this case, the term refers to the list of medical contingencies covered, the maximum amounts a member may claim for each, and any specific conditions the scheme might apply to those claims.

You will have learned your family’s most likely needs from experience. Ensure these are all adequately covered by your chosen product and that it includes unlimited cover for accidents and any other medical emergencies that might require hospitalisation. If you are young, single, in good health, or have dependents who rarely need medical attention, a hospital plan is the most affordable option and might be all you need.


The Right Scheme Is as Important as the Best Medical Aid Quote

You’ve been promised everything you need, but can your scheme deliver? KeyHealth has provided South Africans with affordable cover for over half a century, indisputable proof of our excellent service delivery. Why not review our 2023 products today, or arrange to discuss your needs with one of our representatives?