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Affordable Medical Aid is Crucial, Especially for the Self-employed


Although many of us now need to save money due to the current financial climate, compromising the quality of one’s medical aid is never a good idea. If you are one of the many fortunate South Africans whose terms of employment include membership in a company’s group medical scheme, concessionary rates and company contributions will be helping to keep your monthly premiums affordable. Unfortunately, those whose employers don’t participate in a group scheme and the self-employed enjoy no such protection. Nevertheless, their needs are no different. They require support towards the high cost of private healthcare to ensure their continuing good health and that of their loved ones.

Ironically, medical schemes face a similar dilemma. Steadily rising costs constantly pressure these non-profit companies to raise their premiums, but they risk losing existing members and deterring new ones if they do so. Crucially, it is only by maintaining a sufficient number of paying members that a scheme can guarantee to continue settling their claims.

Fortunately, the industry has risen to the challenge by designing new and more affordable products tailored more closely to individual needs. In accordance with our policy of redefining real value and raising the industry bar, KeyHealth has gone one step further. We offer all our members added value for money with three unique core benefits at no charge. Let’s examine these in more detail:

  1. Health Booster: This free add-on combines preventative care and early detection tests with maternity and weight loss programmes. The former covers baby immunisation for dependents younger than six and flu, Covid-19 and pneumococcal vaccinations for all beneficiaries.


Some other benefits of this KeyHealth extra include annual malaria medication for all, pap smears, mammography, ultrasound scans for expectant moms, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and HIV/AIDS testing.

  1. Easy-ER: We never know when we might experience a medical emergency. This freebie is designed to cover the treatment of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle or playground accident, sports injuries and dental injuries resulting from a direct external blow to the face or mouth. A call to Netcare 911 will secure emergency transport for those unable to attend the ER unaided.


Easy-ER also provides a special card for child dependents to confirm their eligibility for this benefit, enabling them to receive treatment without delay in case they experience an emergency whilst not at home. If they have left their card at home or misplaced it, an ER staff member can contact a free 24-hour call centre to confirm their membership details. If the child is subsequently admitted, the relevant in-hospital benefits will apply.

  1. Smart Baby Programme: Don’t fret if you do not need this service. Remember, these three additional core benefits are absolutely free to all members. Those who do need it should register telephonically or complete our online registration form once their pregnancy has been confirmed. First-time moms will receive a free copy of a popular new baby and childcare handbook. All moms will qualify for an additional R1 370 towards medical expenses or to purchase small items for the baby during their pregnancy.


First-time mothers are also awarded R2 300 for antenatal classes, while all will enjoy R2 320 for antenatal vitamins with every pregnancy. In addition, the programme covers two paediatric visits in the baby’s first year and one in the following year. This free medical aid programme also includes round-the-clock access to Netcare’s health-online service for further peace of mind.

Members should be aware that although all Keyhealth products include these three add-ons, our Silver, Equilibrium and Origin products include the added benefits of free oral and injectable contraceptive medication and baby growth assessments. To sum up, we have gone the proverbial extra mile to ensure each one of our members will enjoy maximum protection from their medical aid while keeping our premiums as affordable as possible.


Other Ways in Which Keyhealth is Keeping Your Premiums Affordable

While the Department of Health publishes recommended tariffs for all aspects of patient care, private medical professionals in South Africa are not obliged to observe them and frequently charge several times the proposed amount. KeyHealth arranges treatment through a network of designated service providers at preferential rates. Also, we have eliminated most co-payments from our entry-level hospital plan. You can view more details of our 2023 benefits here.