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Medical Aid Rates Vary as Do Members’ Benefits.

medical aid

When reviewing current medical aid rates, it will be apparent to anyone who has been a member of a scheme for a number of years that, like those charged for most products and services, these have increased steadily. In practice, this is simply a knock-on effect resulting from comparable increases in the cost of various […]

Medical Aid Companies – Operation of Medical Aid Companies

Understanding the Operation of Medical Aid Companies Currently, there are close to ninety medical aid companies operating in South Africa; a figure that underlines just how important these organisations and their services have become to the country’s citizens. While they are often thought of, mistakenly, as providing health insurance, they differ from the short-term insurers […]

Medical Aid – Affordable Medical Aid in 2016

medical aid

The Importance of Finding Affordable Medical Aid in 2016 Clearly there can be marked differences in the way a given individual may interpret the word “affordable” and, in most cases, this is likely to have an equally marked influence on their choice of a suitable medical aid scheme. According to the latest count, the total […]

Medical Aid – Comprehensive Medical Aid Cover is Vital

medical aid

Comprehensive Medical Aid Cover is Vital for Most South Africans With the exception of the very wealthy and those who may be lucky enough to enjoy perfect health, the need for some form of financial assistance in order for most South Africans to cope with the rising costs of healthcare has now become crucial. Even […]

Medical Aids – Quotes and Why You Should Join

medical aid

Medical Aids – Quotes and Why You Should Join   Browsing the internet for medical aids and quotes can be a daunting task, especially because the reasons that such schemes provide for them being unique are rather generic. To make an informed decision, you first need to understand why you need a medical aid and […]

Medical Aid Quotes Online – Why KeyHealth?

medical aid

Medical Aid Quotes Online – Why KeyHealth?   Understandably, people become wary of getting medical aid quotes online. They simply don’t want to make decisions based on limited information. We, at KeyHealth, believe in the provision of enough information to help people make informed decisions and therefore provide comprehensive information about each benefits package that […]

Affordable Medical Aid | Answers on Frequently Asked Questions

medical aid

Affordable Medical Aid – Answers on FAQs We have answered a few of the frequently asked questions about affordable medical aid schemes in South Africa to help you gain insight regarding the differences and similarities among medical aid schemes in the country.  What is an open medical aid? It is a scheme that is open […]

Affordable Top Class Medical Aid | Medical Aid | KeyHealth Medical Scheme

medical aid

South Africa’s Premier Affordable Top Class Medical Aid There is simply no need to settle for less now that we offer you KeyHealth’s affordable top class medical aid. Aside from our top, comprehensive medical aids, we also offer South Africans many other exceptional medical aid packages that will keep their families in good hands should […]

Is a Hospital Plan Right for You?

Medical care in South Africa can become expensive, especially with large families. Without medical cover, your finances can plummet if you or one of your loved ones faces hospitalisation. But how do you decide if medical aid or a hospital plan is right for you? It’s simple really. You only need to consider your family’s […]

5 Essential Tips to Compare Medical Aids

Medical aids are crucial investments for many South Africans, as these save them from having to pay large amounts at once for medical treatment. These plans are not only there to protect your family in case of sickness and injuries, but also to improve quality of life by giving you access to private healthcare. If you […]