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Medical Aid Quotes Online – Why KeyHealth?


Medical Aid Quotes Online – Why KeyHealth?


Understandably, people become wary of getting medical aid quotes online. They simply don’t want to make decisions based on limited information. We, at KeyHealth, believe in the provision of enough information to help people make informed decisions and therefore provide comprehensive information about each benefits package that we offer. Brochures for each package can be downloaded from our site.


That being said, understanding the terminology used is also essential and we therefore have several options for getting in contact with us for more information on the meaning of the wording or simply to discuss the various options.


People are welcome to make use of the broker network to help them interpret the medical aid quotes received online and can use our chat facility for immediate professional assistance. In addition, we make provision for the completion of an online form to have one of our consultants contact them or they can email us. Telephonic communication, emails and even walk-in communication options are available.


What makes us stand out amongst the many medical aids in South Africa is our focus on access to important medical care. Apart from well-structured medical benefits packages, we offer our members three add-on and completely free programmes to help make medical care more affordable and accessible.




The Easy-ER package provides parents with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children will have immediate ER access without the normal red tape associated with such. Even if the member has no other benefits left, we undertake to foot the entire bill, subject to the conditions of the Triad system for ER treatments for children registered for such. Each registered child gets a membership card with all their important details on according to their age. They can also receive such information on their cellphone. With such, should they be injured or become seriously ill and require immediate ER attention, they will have access to the ER even if the parent is not present. The hospital will quickly confirm eligibility and no upfront payments are required.

Smart Baby Programme


Maternity costs are high and our Smart Baby Programme helps the parents to save, while also having access to expert advice. With the programme, the expecting mother, from the 12th week of pregnancy, receives newsletters relevant to her trimester, has access to a website filled with information on pregnancy, health, birthing and other relevant topics, and also receives a follow-up call from our consultant in the 3rd trimester. The member furthermore receives discounts and hampers for relevant maternity and baby products, helping to reduce the costs associated with pregnancy and a new baby. The father receives bi-weekly newsletters to keep him updated.


Health Booster Plan


This plan is linked to the benefits package selected and entails a comprehensive primary care programme, helping members to stay in good shape, lose weight where relevant, receive important vaccinations, monitor their health, screen for specific medical conditions and ensure better health through early-detection of dreaded conditions.


Get a medical aid quote online from KeyHealth or contact us for comprehensive information on any of the procedures, packages, programmes and claim procedures.