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Medical Aids – Quotes and Why You Should Join


Medical Aids – Quotes and Why You Should Join


Browsing the internet for medical aids and quotes can be a daunting task, especially because the reasons that such schemes provide for them being unique are rather generic. To make an informed decision, you first need to understand why you need a medical aid and which benefits are exceptional.


Why a Medical Aid and not Hospital Plan or Insurance?


You can opt for hospital insurance or a cash-back plan, which provides you with cash in your pocket for every day you spend in the hospital, irrespective of the reason. However, this insurance is hardly comprehensive and you’ll have to foot most of the hospital bill, which can leave a large dent in your savings or credit card account. You can also opt for a straightforward hospital plan that covers you from the third day of hospitalisation, but considering that most of the expensive surgeries and treatments usually take place within the first 48 hours, you still need to pay the most expensive part out-of-pocket and then you also don’t have any cover for day-to-day medical expenses.


A medical aid on the other hand, especially if you select an affordable, yet comprehensive package, provides for 100% and unlimited hospital plan cover, according to the medical aid tariff structure at minimum. With more comprehensive packages, the specialist care is covered at 150% of the tariff structure. You also receive cover for out-of-hospital treatments and medicines. This helps you to afford top medical care.


Why Join One of the Medical Aids?


You may be exceptionally healthy and hardly ever need to visit the doctor, but what about expensive medical procedures? Medical cover is similar to insurance. You may think you don’t need it until disaster strikes and then you wish you had gotten it. Take for example, a broken leg and surgeries that may need to follow. The costs of such are high and if you don’t have medical aid, you have to make use of state care facilities which are already overloaded. You may even opt not to have much needed surgery just because you cannot afford to pay thousands upfront. Your health is thus negatively affected. It is still fine when it is you, but what if it is your child and you cannot afford to let your child undergo much needed surgery to correct a deformity or perhaps remove scars?

medical scheme makes expensive and sometimes unaffordable procedures affordable. You pay monthly contributions and when the time comes for long-term hospitalisation, surgery or expensive treatments, you still only pay your affordable monthly contributions. You also make provision for the unforeseen and it thus helps you to be prepared. It furthermore helps you to stay in good health, since you will more likely visit the doctor or purchase the required medicine if you have a medical aid, than would be the case if you had no medical aid.


KeyHealth provides you with several affordable benefits packages and we offer you free add-on programmes directly related to keeping medical costs low, keeping you in good shape and helping you to make provision for emergencies.


View our full range of products and services and contact us for highly accurate quotes to get an understanding of what sets us apart from other medical aids.