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South Africa’s Premier Affordable Top Class Medical Aid

There is simply no need to settle for less now that we offer you KeyHealth’s affordable top class medical aid. Aside from our top, comprehensive medical aids, we also offer South Africans many other exceptional medical aid packages that will keep their families in good hands should anything happen. Our medical aid options and hospital plans offer excellent benefits to our members and will afford you access to top quality medical care in the event of a medical emergency.

While there may be cheaper medical aids that only include basic payments, KeyHealth recognises the importance of having immediate access to the required medical care when it’s needed and that it has to cover more than just the basics. With KeyHealth’s budget medical aid packages, you will still have access to affordable top class medical aids while at the same time having access to more affordable health insurance without compromising on the level of care you receive.

If you or your loved one ends up in a medical situation, you want to be assured that you receive the best health care available. Even though medical staff is bound by a code of ethics in South Africa, certain procedures are simply too expensive and you or your family member might have to wait weeks if not months for the spot on a waiting list if you don’t have adequate medical aid coverage. Don’t let this happen to your family, and speak to one of our experienced sales professionals today that will help you choose the best and most affordable top class medical aid that your budget allows for.

Making it Easier for Our Members During Their Time of Need

We believe in giving support when support is due, and this is why we have developed an incredibly easy claim procedure. When you are faced with the stress of illness or injury in your family, you need support to get through the difficult time, and not bureaucracy and hoops to spring through. Our member friendly, easy to follow claims procedure eliminates the frustrating red tape that is usually associated with medical aids claims.

Hospitals and doctors would normally submit the claim on behalf of the member. The responsibility, however, stays with the member to verify that the service, procedure and medication reflected on the claims statement are all correct. In the event that a member finds any type of discrepancy regarding the incorrect entry of claims, the member is tasked with contacting the service provider as soon as possible to query the entries of the claims.

Our members are notified through email each time that a claim is processed by KeyHealth. This assists our members to stay updated and in control of the claims that are submitted and paid. It will also help them to better manage their expenses which are related to the day to day benefits and that of hospitalisation.

When you pay cash for services that are rendered to you that are covered by your benefits included in the KeyHealth package you are on, you can easily claim these payments back from KeyHealth without any effort whatsoever. There are service providers that prefer upfront payments for their services while in other instances patients can receive various discounts when paying cash. While this is all perfectly fine, our members are always advised to keep all receipts and records of the payments they make. This will make it far easier to submit these records to the Scheme when you want to submit a claim for the service.

We have invested a lot of time and resources into making the procedure for claiming from your Scheme as simple and effortless as possible. The claims procedure includes the principal member of the Scheme signing the account after verifying it for accuracy, and then posting the claim along with the receipt to KeyHealth. You have up to four months to submit these claims.

We will work with you to help you decide which of the many affordable top class medical aid schemes on offer from KeyHealth will work best for you and your family. Enjoy the many benefits that our packages offer and rest assured that you and your family’s wellbeing is looked after.