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Why Medical Aid Plans Are Crucial for the Young and The Adventurous in 2020


Being healthy does not mean the absence of disease. Life is unpredictable and we rarely plan for the unexpected. Even in 2020, many people do not think that they need a medical aid, until they do. Many people in their twenties frequent bars and clubs, often staying out late drinking and even taking recreational drugs. While some use ride-hailing services, many drive under the influence. Even if you don’t, you have to be aware of other drivers who have.

If you are a young adventure-seeker and like doing things like bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, free climbing, and mountain biking, you need medical aid. The unexpected costs associated with getting injured can cost you money you could have spent buying yourself a car or going on that 2020 overseas trip. Illness and accidents are not just reserved for older generations. Given the choice, many young people would rather use the money they would have spent on medical aid plans on more fun things like socialising with friends or their Wi-Fi and many, unfortunately, do.

It is hard to make decisions based on what you want in the future when it conflicts with what you want now. This is partly because the future seems far away. Regardless of your age, in 2020, the impact of not being on one of the available medical aid plans could be dire. While we cannot live life in fear of all the bad things that could happen, we still need to prepare for the future, so that we do not have regrets later.

Take care of your future self by taking out one of the KeyHealth medical aid plans in 2020. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you will still be able to afford your coffee and go out with friends. There are several KeyHealth options that can give you the cover you need to live your life and have fun while being protected in the event of an unexpected emergency.