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What Does Security Mean for You in 2021?


Say “security” in South Africa, and everyone will have their own idea of what that means. Beyond living a safe and untroubled life, surely security, particularly in this country, has to include provisions for you and your family, and that includes affordable medical aid for your family too. Living a holistically secure life means managing income and budgets, and not having to worry incessantly about what you’re doing without. With the very nuanced healthcare marketplace that exists in South Africa, anyone hoping to be assured of great medical care for themselves and their family, must investigate the healthcare options available.

Perhaps you have had a look, and perhaps you’re feeling defeated by the host of new legislation, terminology, and the medical aid industry’s own excessive jargon at times? It’s sometimes a struggle to actually compare apples with apples, and between underwriters, insurance houses, brokers, and straight-up medical aids themselves, South Africans can be forgiven for finding it challenging to nail down what they need and how much it will cost. Families need the certainty of a comprehensive medical aid, and what constitutes “comprehensive” will differ from family to family. When you’re looking for affordable medical aid for your family, it helps to understand the broad categories within healthcare coverage, and also to define what “affordable” means.


What Do You Need, and What Does Affordable Mean for You?

From the retail point of view, forget for a moment the various confusing descriptions of “medical insurance”, “hospital plans”, and “medical aid”, and evaluate your and your family’s needs. How old are you and your spouse? Do you have young children or teenagers? What will everyone as individuals be needing as you understand the normal role of life? Young children will need their own form of medical care over the years, teenagers and young adults tend to be sporting, whereas over-thirty adults begin to focus on other components of healthcare. Where do you and yours fit in, what do you feel you need to feel secure about their cover, and what constitutes an affordable medical aid for your family?

It’s really a personal decision, and if you’re a family that experiences generally robust health, you’ll want to shrink the doctor’s visits and rather optimise dread disease or injury care, for example. If there is chronic illness in the family, then chronic medication benefits become more important-every family is different. When it comes to costs, an affordable medical aid for your family differs as a concept from person to person too of course, but we all come to a point of “I want this” and “It costs this much”.  This is the point where most consumers abandon their online search in confusion, but read on, and we’ll give you some exceptionally welcome and pleasing news.


Defining an Affordable Medical Aid for Your Family

Never mind an affordability calculator and other paraphernalia, affordability needs but basic math, and personal priorities. Based on combined household income and monthly fixed costs, you’ll determine how much you usually have at month-end, and how much disposable income you can expect in an average month after you’ve paid for everything. If you’re looking to join a healthcare plan from scratch, it’s disposable income that you’ll want to pinpoint. If you’re an existing member of a scheme, it will be a comparison between the existing cost and an anticipated cost. Either way, only you will be able to honestly and relatively easily say what you can afford to pay for medical cover.

If, for example, you insist on top-end cover for all family members in the event of an accident, but realise that such cover will exceed your available genuinely disposable income, that’s when priorities kick in. While some people might find it strange that a family pays for an aspect of healthcare they find insignificant, never mind others. You know what your family needs, and affordable medical aid for your family has to include what you know your family is likely to need from healthcare cover. And now, here’s the good news. If you do this relatively simple exercise, and if you’ve evaluated your family’s requirements of medical aid well, there is only one site you need to visit. It doesn’t contain confusing comparisons, jargon, or any hidden costs. It’s laid out simply to plainly and comprehensively address the desires you bring, and it’s a breath of fresh air amidst all the confusion available online.


KeyHealth is About Straight Talk and a Great, Affordable Medical Aid for Your Family

At KeyHealth, we long ago saw the hopeless confusion growing for consumers. Government said this has to be basic, regulators said this is a medical aid but this isn’t, and the healthcare industry also unfortunately made an attempt as individual players to explain all the new terminology and ramifications to customers. The result? Often, an even more confusing mess! One of the hallmarks of a really caring medical aid provider is how successfully they welcome you on board. For us, that starts when you land on our site.

With KeyHealth, right from the start we set out to meet you in the homework you’ve done. You know what you want and you know what you are willing to pay. All you really need is a simple presentation of broad healthcare categories, and an accompanying cost. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at KeyHealth online. Simple depictions, straight-talk costs. It’s the beginning of how we care for you, and our customers give us rave reviews for the clarity and exceptional care we provide. Call us or mail us, but get us on your side, when affordable medical aid for your family is your top priority.