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Get a Free Medical Aid Quote Online


It’s common business practice for service providers and goods suppliers alike to offer free quotes. It wasn’t always the case, and many artisans and contractors would ask a fee for their time when quoting. Every company wishes customers would just stream right through the front door, and perhaps in the recent past, retail was such that it pretty much did happen. Based on a far less dense demographic, it can be imagined that the “local” whatever could expect a steady trade in a bygone era. Making money was as simple as opening shop, and the saturation retailers experience today wasn’t even imagined.

The cost of sale in business, however, and certainly in modern business, is borne by the company as a general rule. Hence the advent of “free quotes” as a standard practice. Once one did it, everyone had to, and it only makes sense in the modern marketplace. Medical aid is no different, and most people know they can get a free medical aid quote online nowadays. Of course, moving such administrative paperwork online demands that it’s rendered as simply and succinctly as possible, as anyone who has spent 15 minutes wading through endless forms without even completing them can tell you!


Get a Free Medical Aid Quote from People Who Value Your Business

Opinions differ, but a smart service provider like KeyHealth has found the best route to effective simplicity is to present each option in a short burst, with all the available information you need.  Need more? There are brochures for you to download and look through at your leisure. Ideally, once you’ve chosen an option and made a preliminary selection, a consultant will call you back to discuss the details. It’s accepted as the most caring approach, and gives prospective customers the best of both worlds. You get to shop with clearly displayed products that leave no room for ambiguity, but you don’t have to ponder whether there are any small details you’re missing, because an agent will walk you through it.

It gets better. The most professional healthcare providers will be identified by their smart understanding of what everyone goes through when they get a free medical aid quote online.  At KeyHealth that means, firstly, we help you understand the purchase decision. We make sure that everyone is happy with the business that we’re doing. Secondly, we reinforce this decision with the reasons why. Everyone is different, but anyone looking for a medical aid shares a common need with everyone else-you’d like medical insurance. As solid a decision as that might be for you, some remain ambiguous, and seeing the rationale at the time of decision-making helps customers feel reassured and settled in their choice of medical aid.


Pursuing Medical Aid Quotes Online Should Be a Positive Experience

A handy list of the key points to remember when choosing a medical aid should also be front and centre for prospective customers at that point, which is exactly what KeyHealth follows with as point three. Smart and simple, essential considerations start with understanding your personal healthcare needs, and/or those of your family. When you’re young and fit, you might eschew excess cover because regular ailments or chronic conditions simply aren’t a part of your life. You’ll be looking for an option that speaks to your reality. Typically, family cover is more comprehensive, and illustrates the desire to care for a wider range of ages or life stages.

Lastly, cost is an important consideration with any purchase decision, and a medical scheme is an important one. You might very well prefer, as many people do, to field minor expenses from your own pocket and bump up the cover for more serious potentials, while reducing your premiums overall. As a family adult, you might alternatively prefer not worrying about the details, and opt for a far more comprehensive cover that gives you peace of mind. As a general rule, prices in the industry should be competitive. Too low, and something’s not right-no one can match benefits and avoid their costs, so the sustainability of the scheme might not be sound. Too high, and the same applies-something is out of kilter financially, and you’re paying for it.

Two Last Points for When You Get a Free Medical Aid Quote

Firstly, get it sooner rather than later. If you’re still contemplating joining a medical scheme, you need to know that the sooner you join, the lower your premiums typically will be, as your demands of the medical aid are likely to be less. When you’re older, the cost of underwriting your health insurance rises, and you might also end up having certain aspects of cover precluded. Secondly, prevention really is better than cure. A scheme may well offer preventative care and/or “screening” benefits. What this means is, you’re made aware of pending medical conditions through testing, which is a huge boon for early treatment. Flagging potential health issues means you typically get away with very minor and inexpensive treatment for something that could develop into far more serious illness and consume your insurance later.

KeyHealth, for our part, also offers a handy depiction of exactly how medical schemes work. This allows you to clearly understand the nature of healthcare insurance, further reassuring you of making a sound decision. We end our online intel with all of the great reasons for joining KeyHealth, but we can give them to you right here. We’re smart, and by that we mean we don’t confuse you, don’t waste your time, and don’t obscure things, because you’re smart too. Smart people don’t want to wade through fluff. We care. We really do, and you can tell we’re all about you by the way we present and how easy we make things for our members. We do the schlep, you get the benefits.

Find us online, enjoy simplicity in service, or mail us, call us, but get us on board as your medical service provider. We’ll happily show you what an affordable and top-tier service looks like!