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The Importance of Comparing Medical Aid


For some time now, it’s become apparent that consumers are often satisfied with just a headline from mainstream news media. No further reading necessary, thanks. A single statement can become the information around which whole life plans are built, or they become a meme on social media that’s taken as defining a person or organisation. As understandable as memes might be, along with other aspects of quick news for disinterested, busy citizens, it’s an unfortunate tendency nonetheless. No one seems to fact-check anything anymore, and most consumers online will only do some research when pressed.

It’s arguably strange, as the internet is nothing if not a massive ability to compare apples with apples, statements with facts, and one product offering with another. It’s counter-intuitive to suppose that with such an amazingly large amount of data available to modern online citizens, personal research is diminishing, but there you go. It is, as a general rule, at least when it comes to the voluminous daily news we all see in our regular lives.

Of course, there are exceptions where the aim is nothing but further research and comparison, and medical aid cover is one prime candidate for those times when we can all use more than superficial information. A catchy blurb might introduce you to a medical aid provider, but a few minutes of investigation should quickly illuminate whether or not an offer is worth pursuing.

Even if you’re currently on a medical aid and have been for a while, the medical cover marketplace is dynamic. Things change, and you might be paying a premium for outdated cover, while far more beneficial options are available at the same or lower price. Indeed, the importance of comparing medical aid cover cannot be overstated. No one buys a house without looking at options, or a car, as two obvious examples. Likewise, consumers should definitely be comparing medical aid cover before making such an important decision. Medical aid is about life, your life, your health and fitness, and few of us would argue that doesn’t need to be at the top of the list when real stuff counts.


Key Points in Comparing Medical Aid Cover

    • Right at the outset, you’ll want to understand your budget and what is legitimately affordable for you. If you haven’t needed to do a monthly budget to date, it’s a great plan to do one now! Look at what your recurring monthly expenses are, and determine what can honestly be considered disposable income from which you’ll draw your medical aid premiums.


    • While it’s not fair to expect consumers to be well-versed in medical terminology, some medical aids of present in a devious manner, making it hard to determine value for money. In other words, some schemes will present as low cost and comprehensive, yet omit to clearly outline that many key areas of personal health are severely capped. You’ll want value for money from any purchase, and medical aid is no exception. If you find yourself confused about what exactly is offered and what is off limits, that’s a good sign to keep looking. A medical aid that truly values your membership won’t hide behind jargon, and won’t quietly pare down cover on key items while presenting as “the cheapest and best”.


    • Is the medical aid for you, or you and your family? What is your current profile? In other words, a 60-year-old relatively inactive person will consider different potentials than a 25-year-old athlete straight out of varsity. Are you seldom ill or are you perhaps on chronic medication? Do you have great teeth or are you on a first name basis with your dentist? All of these things need to be contemplated so that you can decide what’s important to you and yours, and you can then shop appropriately within a predetermined budget.


    • Big bugbear-co-payments! Make sure you understand where each medical aid is going to ask you for a co-payment. In other words, on what items will you share costs with the medical aid, and does the co-payment arrangement meet with your needed cover as you want it? Aspects and items can be juggled, and indeed are in the variety of options you’ll get from a reputable medical aid, so take your time and look at things carefully.


    • Another frequent source of pain for consumers, is hospitalisation. No one thinks that they might be lying in a hospital bed tomorrow, yet thousands enter hospitalisation every day for thousands of different reasons! Hospital costs can add up quickly-make sure you know when your cover will cap out or whether it’s uncapped on hospital stays.


  • Read up on and understand the benefits of any given medical aid, a statement that brings us right back to doing some needed personal research. It might be intimidating wading through line item benefits, but give yourself the time to get it all square in your mind to the extent that you can immediately spot something that’s better or something that’s less than. The best medical aid providers understand this need, and will present options as simply and directly as possible-a good indicator of a transparent and reputable company to boot.


KeyHealth Has Eliminated the Noise, for Your Benefit

Many companies talk transparency, but KeyHealth puts it into practice. You can see this for yourself by visiting our website, where you’ll be greeted by immediate concern for your clarity, followed by unambiguous details that are easy to understand. More than that, we vigorously eliminate frivolous add-ons that mean nothing to you but simply drive up the price. We offer real cover that reassures you in its intent and extent. We don’t mask high prices with lots of fluff no one ever needs, but rather cut straight to the legitimate concern of your health and well-being, and securing that at an affordable rate. With us, what you see is what you get.

Call on us, compare us, listen to our customers and look at our payment history, and we know you’ll be well pleased. We’re here to serve you, to make the whole arena of medical treatment a safe and friendly one, and we know we can offer you a great deal that meets all of your needs, for one low price.