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Don’t Be Scared to Apply for Affordable Medical Aid Online


Life online might have added a few hundred million more members thanks to the global lockdown, but for many (perhaps especially newbie online shoppers), it remains a complex and potentially intimidating place. That’s not great, but the good news is it’s also completely unnecessary. Especially for new entrants to the online space, it might be reassuring to know that, since the internet has been around a long time now, it’s developed its own set of rules and validations.

Put differently, it’s not hard to determine whether you’re dealing with a legitimate company online. Perhaps the easiest route to confidence is simply to search for topics like “how to know whether a company is legitimate” or even doing a company registration search. It’s the internet after all-it lends itself to very copious and detailed information finding. Intel on companies in the public domain is freely available for viewing. That’s a good thing, because some aspects of consumer and even B2B life certainly seem made for online use. Anyone now shopping for goods and services online can enjoy a comprehensive experience, one that provides more than enough detail to make buying online a positive and certain thing.

Indeed, when shopping for something like an affordable medical aid online, search engines are adept at intuiting what you’re after, and any consumer wading through options will find the more time you put into it, the more comprehensive the picture you’ll glean. The great part about online shopping too, is the fact that companies have had the time to tweak presentation, as e-commerce has been around for a while. So rather than come close to a sale, companies online today generally make sure they give you all the details you need to actually make a purchase.

Any company online has a platform that should be giving consumers the information they need to make a decision right there and then. Anything else is frustrating for both parties. Very importantly, companies that could suffer from a load of jargon (the medical aid fraternity prime amongst them!) have also learned to present things simply, in plain language, in a nutshell, if you like. There are no downsides for the consumer, only greater facilitation of business for both parties.


What Does “An Affordable Medical Aid” Mean?

    • Make no mistake, clear understanding at the outset is crucial. No, that doesn’t tie into affordability, but it’s hugely reassuring when medical aid companies give prospective clients the details simply, and without convoluted caveats and other jargon. It starts the relationship clearly, and without consumers feeling like they remain unsure about their cover, the cost, or even extraneous costs for things that might not be covered-the list is usually a long one. Almost all of us have at one time or another signed up with enough information only, whereas we could have had greater detail from simpler presentation of the facts, and felt better about signing up and moving forward. Simple talk is king online, at least when it comes to laying out something as critical as a medical aid’s benefits and costs.


    • Affordable medical aid means that you pick a plan that doesn’t tax you every month, yet still reassures you that the key aspects for you and your family are covered. It doesn’t matter if it’s medical aid or car repayments or savings-never buy into monthly payments hoping you’ll somehow magically find the extra cash to meet the debit each month. Fortunately, medical aid in South Africa is still rigorously governed by legislation, and that’s broadly in the consumer’s favour. Put another way, know that you can get the cover you need at the price you can afford. Each individual’s circumstances and needs of their medical aid will be slightly different, but almost anyone can get onto a medical aid that will give them what they’re after at a manageable cost.


  • Affordable also means pleasant service, and a customer-centric approach. Again, that seems at first glance to have nothing to do with cost, yet we all know that costs can be fuzzy around the edges as long as you’re being taken care of well. If the cost is market-related, and you’re getting the cover you want, finding great service at the end of the phone when you need to claim or pre-authorise makes you feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for, not so? It’s a fair observation to note that great service is often absent online, but when it comes to medical aids, the best will be obviously service-oriented. Walk-in centres, copious contact details-it’s easy to see who wants to talk to you and who doesn’t.


KeyHealth is Waiting to Welcome You!

At KeyHealth, we won’t waste your time beating around the bush. We lay out our medical aid options simply and clearly, and we prioritise your understanding from the start of our Homepage. We figured we’d skip over those being forced to accommodate consumers correctly, and just be the immediate best at putting your mind at ease, and showing you what we’ve got. Unlike many in our fraternity, we’re not building a cold profit centre in our business, but rather taking legitimate care of people at a cost that they can afford, and one that sustains us, allowing us to grow our customer-centric footprint in this industry.

It’s all about you. We know that costs are escalating everywhere, and we know only too well what the global lockdown has engendered in many-a sense of uncertainty about the future. It’s good to know that KeyHealth will climb in the same boat as you, and keep you covered. We’re here because of our customers, and we treat them as they should be treated, starting with how we talk to them and how we scrape and shave costs to try and accommodate everyone’s cover needs. We’re the best place to find affordable medical aid cover online, and that’s not just our opinion, it’s what we continually hear from our customers too.

Call us or mail, but don’t make a decision without us! We care about our members, and it shows. We offer great prices for great cover, and we simply enjoy our daily interactions with our clients, covering you and yours, doing good business that keeps everyone healthy.