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The Importance of Having Medical Aid Cover


When one signs up for a short-term insurance type of product – vehicle, household or medical aid cover – it’s always with the fervent hope that you’ll never or seldom have to use it. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t. No one intends to be involved in an accident, become ill, need a life-saving surgical procedure, or require hospitalisation in an emergency or routine situation.

Utopia Doesn’t Exist

The world isn’t ideal, sadly. Mankind does not live in Utopia – an imagined place or society that is as close to perfect as is possible – where sickness, injury and adversity simply don’t exist.

Life happens, and this doesn’t always occur to one’s advantage. It’s not that there is ever a good time for unforeseen, usually costly events or illnesses to occur, but when they do happen, it invariably feels as though they’ve done so at the worst possible time, especially from a financial perspective.

Dependent on State Resources

How does one plan for a medical emergency or a condition that requires medical attention and possibly months of treatment, particularly if you don’t have extra money or savings in the bank? State hospitals do their best, but are under-resourced. The proposed South African national health service is still far from a fait accompli, so you cannot rely on affordable or free medical help from these sources.

The Solution – Medical Aid Membership

Nowadays, belonging to a medical aid fund is not only important, but it’s practically essential in this country. When you’re really not well, you want to see a doctor and you want to see him/her now, without having to queue and wait endlessly for medical attention, while feeling out of sorts. Medical aid membership is the only solution to having quick access to professional medical care when you most need it. It is that important.

Depending on your fund and plan, you can rest assured that you have full or a degree of important cover to assist you financially when life and its myriad of medical misfortunes happen. At the very least, an inordinate amount of stress and worry about meeting essential medical costs won’t feel like an additional, unexpected blow, in addition to your medical condition.

Isn’t Medical Aid Expensive?

The answer to this question is one of “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. Broadly speaking, medical aid membership may be jolly expensive, but then again, it depends on which one you choose. Whichever fund you select, you will have to pay a monthly contribution for the duration of your membership, which represents an additional expense.

One person’s idea of “expensive”, may be another’s “affordable”. It all depends on individual income, lifestyle and perception. However, and of greatest importance – no medical aid contribution is expensive when compared with what state-of-the-art medical treatment and complex surgical procedures may cost you if you don’t belong to a medical aid fund, having to make payment out of your own pocket.

KeyHealth Holds the Key

At KeyHealth, we believe in keeping things simple and smart, without costly, confusing add-ons. With five plans from which to choose, ranging from that which is essential to a comprehensive plan, we hold the key to medical aid that provides you with the level of cover that best suits your needs and budget, whatever your personal circumstances.