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Applying for Authentic, No-Nonsense Medical Aid Membership


If you’re scrolling and reading through our web pages and links, you may be taking the first step in selecting and then applying for medical aid membership for the first time. Alternatively, you may be changing jobs and hence, your medical aid too, or you may be dissatisfied with your current fund and its membership rates, thus looking at making a change and joining another.

Our online application process is simple, straightforward and transparent, much like the way in which we manage and run our medical aid fund, as well as the way in which we communicate with our members – keeping it smart, frill-free and simple. Although we’ll gladly advise you, we suggest that you get some idea about the plan that best suits your personal circumstances.

Selecting the Right Plan for You

Four quick, easy links give you basic guidelines that link your current age with the type of cover that’s most likely to meet your needs and suffice at this present stage of your life and health.

  • Singles – if young, in good health and unattached, you may not require extensive cover and benefits, since you seldom see the doctor or require medicines. When you do, you’re able to meet such day-to-day costs from your own resources. If you’re an older single person, more expansive medical aid cover may be more appropriate, because with age, the need for more frequent medical care is likely to increase.
  • Single parents – in all likelihood, you support your young one/s on a single income, so the best medical aid cover you can afford is essential.
  • Couples – young couples likewise are less likely to require fully comprehensive cover, particularly if they don’t plan on having children soon. Again, older couples tend to visit the doctor more often, even if just for the aches and pains that accompany advancing years.
  • Families – childhood illnesses, playground accidents and good, timely medical care for your family is extremely important for young families. Another baby may be planned too, making medical cover absolutely essential. The children of older parents may still be dependents while they’re studying, or they may be ready to leave the parental nest, after which their parents may require a less costly medical aid option.

New Membership Online Application Questionnaire

Certain information is required from persons applying for membership of one of our plans, beginning with who you are, in which province you live, and the number of dependents you wish to include as members of your fund. You must also declare whether you’ve been a member of another scheme, details thereof and for what length of time.

The last part of our questionnaire addresses a brief, but important part of your medical history or background and consists of five basic questions. Failure to answer these truthfully, or the non-disclosure of pre-existing conditions may lead to your membership being limited or exclude certain benefits, or even the termination of your membership.

Simple, Smart and Real

As you’ve no doubt already found when browsing through our website and looking at our online application, we choose to keep everything pertaining to health and medical plans as simple, smart and authentic as possible – real medical aid for real people with real needs – no more and no less.