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A Real Hospital Plan That’s Also Affordable


When faced with the decision of whether or not to join a private medical aid fund, some people may hesitate, because they receive a modest income and have to budget carefully just to meet their existing monthly commitments. Moreover, medical aid membership in general is perceived to be expensive, perhaps even an unnecessary expense by those who seldom become ill and have never been admitted to a hospital.

Yes, medical aid membership will add to your fixed monthly expenses. However, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Although based on “what ifs”, the following potential scenarios can and do manifest. Unforeseen adversities seem to strike at the least convenient time when one can least afford whatever costs are incurred for treating conditions that require expert medical attention or intervention in a hospital environment.

What Ifs

What if you’re involved in a serious accident and you require emergency treatment in a hospital intensive care unit? What if you develop a medical condition for which major surgery is required? What if you require expensive medication whilst hospitalised? Can you afford it, or can you afford not to have access to what you simply must have?

It’s Your Life

Your life may be at stake. It’s not worth taking a chance with your very existence or your quality of life, if there is a viable alternative and solution. If you’re not joining a more expensive, yet fully comprehensive medical aid option, then at least take out membership of a much more affordable hospital plan.

An Affordable, Effective Plan

Consider the Essence plan offered by KeyHealth, one of South Africa’s leaders in the provision of smart, simple, authentic and affordable hospital plans and more comprehensive medical aid solutions. It should be noted that all of our medical aid options, Essence included, cover disaster or major medical expenses – the basis of our affordable KeyHealth Essence plan.

Many affordable, pure hospital plans that are advertised in the media have very little, if anything, to do with in-hospital medical care, although they are typically very affordable. Instead, they simply pay out a set amount that’s commensurate with the patient’s contribution, but only after a few days following hospital admission.

All too often, costs incurred while in hospital far exceed the fixed pay-outs of such so-called hospital plans. While the daily funds may be used towards medical costs, the recipient is free to spend the money on anything at all. There are no member benefits other than the daily cash pay-out.

Essence’s Additional Value and Benefits

  • Covers all hospital-related costs at any hospital that’s part of our designated network, in-hospital specialist services (subject to terms and conditions), MRI and CT scans, and oncology (annual limits apply).
  • Chronic medication for chronic conditions that make up the Chronic Disease List.
  • Supplementary services that include emergency ambulance transport (Netcare 911), endoscopic procedures, and medical appliances, subject to limits.
  • Prescribed minimum benefits – across the board.
  • Three additional free benefits – Easy-ER, Smart Baby Programme and Health Booster. The latter benefit alone provides Essence members with more than R23 000 in benefits if fully utilised.


More Affordable Extra Value

At KeyHealth, we’re happy to disclose the Essence member contribution figure; we know that this plan is loaded with extra-value services, and is also a more affordable, more comprehensive option than the familiar, often advertised hospital plans.