Demand for Private Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa


Many South Africans regard belonging to a medical aid scheme as essential. Reasons are many and varied, but most will tell you that, when they want to see a doctor, require medical attention, or need to fill a prescription, they want and probably need it immediately.

Overburdened and Overextended

Unfortunately, state medical facilities are overburdened by sheer force of patient numbers, which means that queues are long, medical personnel’s time and services are overextended, and equipment, facilities, and necessary surgical procedures may not be immediately available, as and when one requires them. This means more delays, longer waiting periods, and frustration for the patients and their families, despite the best efforts of state medical personnel.

Private Medical Aid Schemes to the Rescue

Although each private medical aid scheme offers its own plans, each with its own monthly contribution and benefit scale, as well as relevant terms and conditions, members have varying degrees of freedom of choice within the parameters of the particular plan. They may choose where to seek medical attention, when to do so at a time that suits them, and which doctor or medical facility they’ll visit.

KeyHealth Medical Aid Scheme

The primary benefits and convenience of being a private medical aid scheme member are clear. However, there are so many schemes available in South Africa today, that it’s often less clear which is the best for you, since the actual medical benefits (and restrictions) pertaining to each plan within each scheme are often downright confusing.

Sadly, this sometimes results in people making the wrong choice, simply because the jargon and peripheral “benefits” that have little or nothing to do with medical issues and health are just too confusing – that is unless you choose to join KeyHealth Medical Aid Scheme.

KeyHealth focuses on simple, straightforward medical aid cover, which is set out clearly and concisely, in plain language that’s easy to understand. It’s easy to select an option that suits your current needs and your budget. It’s KeyHealth Medical Aid Scheme.