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Students’ Job is Study; Ours is Managing Medical Aid


Students really do need medical aid cover. No one wants to get ill or end up in hospital for a more serious condition and yet it happens, unplanned, and unexpectedly. Costs and charges can be astronomical, far too high for a student to afford. Moreover, tertiary studies are expensive, while typical students’ budgets are tight, to say the least. There’s only one thing to do – join a medical aid scheme and select a plan that helps to fund medical care and procedures that could potentially strain your resources or at worst, ruin you financially if you don’t have appropriate medical cover.

Committed students study for long hours and work hard to achieve their goals. They have to attend lectures and complete projects and cannot afford to be too ill or unwell. Downtime isn’t an option, unless it’s time to party and play – another thing that students do well. But, entertainment and leisure activities also cost money, reinforcing the need for medical aid options that are affordable, while meeting the actual and potential needs of younger folk. State medical facilities are overburdened and overcrowded. When you’re ill, or you’ve been injured, the last thing you want to do is wait and queue for hours on end. Membership of a private medical scheme means that your choice of service provider is not necessarily confined to state facilities.

KeyHealth Medical Aid Options

Many medical aid schemes offer a veritable multitude of plans and options, many of such complexity that they boggle the mind of a prospective member. Comparisons are confusing, to say the least. KeyHealth believes in keeping it simple, easy to understand, straightforward, and transparent. In the interest of transparency, we have not hesitated to publish our membership rates applicable to certain plans in our recent television ad campaign. That’s how confident we are in our ethos and mission of simplicity.

Our medical aid options are devoid of unnecessary add-ons and frills that have nothing at all to do with health or medical cover, which is the fundamental reason people join medical aid schemes. Our members want cover for matters medical and that’s exactly what we provide. In total, we have five plans – Essence, Equilibrium, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each has its own range of procedures, practitioners, preferred service suppliers, and medical conditions that it covers, enabling members to select the range that best suits their individual requirements and budgets.

Plans Popular with Students

Because of affordability concerns and the fact that most students are younger people, fit, healthy, and in the prime of their lives, they usually require less comprehensive medical aid options. Two of the plans that are popular with students are the first two in order of listing.


  • Disaster or major medical expenses – several of the services in this category are covered on an in-hospital basis.
  • Chronic medications (for CDL conditions).
  • Supplementary service.
  • PMBs.
  • Three free additional benefits.


All the items listed under “Essence”, above, plus:

  • Day-to-day medical expenses – out of hospital.
  • Dentistry.

The reasons to select a KeyHealth option are many and compelling. There’s little to be said to the contrary. Focus on your studies, students, and leave your medical aid cover in our capable hands.