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KeyHealth Medical – Coverage to Exceed other South African Medical Aids

In times where illness, disease, accidents and similar seems rife, it could be considered as irresponsible to not be on some form of medical assistance or hospital plan. The fact of the matter is that an overnight stay at the hospital and the treatments involved could come to a small fortune, and if you don’t have a massive savings fund, you could very well find yourself in some trouble. While there are a number of South African medical aids to choose from, it is best to fully investigate the offerings and benefits of each before making your final decision.

At KeyHealth Medical we are 100% committed to the well-being of our clients. We offer affordable and innovative packages to the market which are all supported by phenomenal service and efficient administration. At present we provide our services and cover to over 88 000 people across South Africa. In comparison to other schemes on the market, ours certainly outshine the rest.

We have five basic options for you to choose from when looking for such assistance:

  • Essence Option – this package provides its members with basic hospital cover. If you are hospitalised, you will be covered according to an agreed fee.
  • Equilibrium Option – this offers full hospital coverage at 100% of an agreed tariff.  Services provided during your stay by in-hospital specialists will also be covered up to 150% of the MST. This scheme also incorporates a medical savings account which is then used to cover out of hospital services and also daily benefits (i.e. Visits to the pharmacy and so on).
  • Silver Option – 100% unlimited hospital cover is provided with this option at the agreed rate. This is a popular option for young families as it incorporates a good day to day cover.
  • Gold Option – this option also provides unlimited 100% hospital cover at the agreed rate and has a very generous day to day benefit and savings plan attached.
  • Platinum Option – this particular option provides a member with full comprehensive cover. Should you be hospitalised the costs covered will be unlimited and according to an agreed rate.

With each of these schemes we offer the option of Health Booster. This offers a form of cover that is aimed at healthy living and preventative treatment. It is an option over and above your chosen cover and can certainly add value to it.

If you are seeking out full comprehensive cover, or even if you need limited cover, we are the team to trust. We educate all of our clients from day one on the working of their policy and will ensure that you know exactly how to claim if and when the situation arises. Our sales agents and consultants have a wealth of information and advice to offer you and will go out of their way to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met.

At KeyHealth Medical we believe in prevention being better than cure, so we encourage all of our members to eat healthy, stay fit and look after their bodies if they want to have a long and fulfilling life. While our packages are designed to be there for you during those tough financial times when faced with medical problems, we have only the best health interests of our clients at heart. You will often find recipes and specials on blood pressure tests and so on offered on our website in an initiative to boost fitness and health morale and to get people interested in taking care of themselves once more.

Allow KeyHealth to save you money and save your life – invest in one of our medical aid schemes without any further delay.