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Medical Schemes in South Africa


Five Great Medical Schemes in South Africa to Choose From

It is absolutely essential for each and every individual to have medical schemes in South Africa. Without the protection of this type of cover you could very well find yourself without decent medical assistance or be stuck with a hefty bill that you can ill afford to pay.  It is vitally important that you take the time to investigate various schemes available so that you can protect yourself and the best interests of your family members too. Many people take health care for granted until they are faced with an emergency, illness or trauma, so don’t become a victim of such things – secure a decent medical aid package before it’s too late.

At KeyHealth Medical we offer various packages that provide phenomenal cover. Regardless of your budget you are sure to find a package with us that can cater complete to all of your needs. With our assistance you can choose between five great packages that have been designed to offer you a wealth of benefits.

For starters, if you are an individual on a limited budget, but still want peace of mind that in an emergency you will be cared for, then the Essence package is for you. This particular option offers the member 100% hospitalisation cover up to an agreed tariff. This is an entry level package so only hospital cover is offered.

The Equilibrium package is different in that on top of full hospital cover at a certain agreed tariff, it also offers to cover the costs of in-hospital specialists to 150% MST. The package incorporates a great medical savings account which can be used for out of hospital charges and treatments as well as day to day benefits.

The Silver package is one that is designed for the young family. It provides for unlimited hospital cover to 100% of the pre-agreed tariff. It also has a great day to day benefit included. Those who go for the Gold package will benefit from a generous day to day cover as well as a good savings plan and 100% hospital cover according to the pre-agreed tariff.

The Platinum package is for those who are looking for full comprehensive cover. This also offers 100% hospitalisation cover. There is also the Health Booster plan which is an optional add on to any of the existing packages. At KeyHealth Medical we take the health and fitness of our clients very seriously. We encourage our members to lead healthy and active lifestyles in an attempt to assist them to better enjoy their lives while they can.

The package options that you choose to go with will be directly related to your financial position and what your specific needs are. We have various brokers available to consult with you, or you can give us a call at our office in Centurion to find out just how much we can do for you.

A quick browse through our informative website will have you advised of just how easy it is to process a claim and even how to go about obtaining pre-authorisations for hospitalisation and so on with us. Make sure that if you have dependants or questions regarding the actual cover that you chat to one of our brokers who will happily explain to you how the cover works and what to expect, from day one. Having complete peace of mind that you will be taken care of if you are in an accident or fall ill is something that is required in our already stressful lives, so take the initiative and find out how we at KeyHealth Medical can change your life today.