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Review Your Medical Aid Plan and Personal Circumstances Now


November is usually the time of year to review your current medical aid plan to ensure that you will still be getting the cover you envisage needing for the next year. It is also when an unavoidable annual rate increase takes effect. A review of your situation is especially important if your health, family, or financial circumstances have changed during the course of the year.

Like most other medical aid schemes, KeyHealth’s rules do not permit members to upgrade their previously selected plan to one that offers more extensive benefits during a calendar year. Changes that involve an upgrade may only be done prior to the start of the following year, at which time such changes take effect.

Schemes have no other option but to adhere to this rule, which was designed to prevent opportunists from fraudulently upgrading their plan shortly before having to undergo a costly medical procedure or treatment regimen, and then downgrading again to a cheaper plan when more comprehensive benefits are no longer required.

Affordable Versus Circumstances

Despite the fact that it is wise to select a medical aid plan that offers the most extensive cover that you can afford, your monthly membership contribution should nevertheless be commensurate with exactly that – an amount that you can afford – without having to sacrifice vital necessities.

As always, KeyHealth continues to keep the structure, rules, and regulations of our medical aid plans as smart, simple, and transparent as possible, likewise any exclusions and additional free benefits that may apply, plus information about the next year’s contributions.

There is more good news from KeyHealth. We are proud to introduce a new medical aid plan to our existing options – Origin. This medical plan slots in nicely between Essence and Equilibrium. Origin members’ contributions are slightly more than those of the former, and slightly less that rates for the latter medical aid plan.

Have a look at the relevant information on our smart, simple website or contact us to join KeyHealth or make changes via the medium that suits you best.