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How to Easily Access Online Medical Aid Quotes


At KeyHealth, we have several walk-in offices, where existing and prospective new members are welcome, should they wish to get information or enquire about our products and services. These centres are located in Centurion, Durban, and Port Elizabeth. However, by far the most KeyHealth members and interested non-members make use of our quick, easy-to-use online services, whether they have a general enquiry, or they want to get a medical aid quote online. All across the world, as well as in South Africa, a lot of business is conducted online. This medium has become the preferred method of communication, information gathering, buying and selling, concluding transactions, and conducting research.

It is difficult to imagine a world that is not online. Today’s hectic pace, time constraints, rising costs, and so many other challenges that one constantly has to face, have played a major role in mankind’s preference for using the Internet and other electronic systems and devices that enable instant communication and information gathering.

Without it, we would be lost. Everyone has experienced the sense of frustration and futility when an Internet connection fails. Virtually every business venture and individual person in the world now has access to some type of online device; it is an integral part of 21st-century life and living, and a vital part of our customer communication at KeyHealth.

For online medical aid quotes, our website offers all the facilities you need. Select one of our six smart, easy-to-understand medical aid plans for the purpose of obtaining an online medical aid quote. For your guidance and convenience, we have simplified this process for you. Our “Join Now” link provides you with three options – Compare our Products, Get a Quote, and Need More Information or Advice? The first step with which you will be presented thereafter asks you which cover is right for you and has four links, one each for Singles, Couples, Families, and Single Parents. By broadly identifying yourself with one of the four, it is easier to narrow down and establish the cover that best suits your personal circumstances and budget. Next, complete our online quote form in full, press “Send”, and there you are. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Online enquiries can be sent at any time of the day or night, 24/7, 365 days per year, irrespective of the day of the week or public holidays, although our response to most queries will only be sent during normal working hours. By conducting all our communication with you online, in an eco-friendly way, we do not waste paper and do our bit for the environment.

Our KeyHealth Electronic Communication Page, found under the heading “Member Info/Member Services” provides you with simple-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines to register as a KeyHealth internet user and do online enquiries. You can do likewise via email, SMS, or our Online Chat facility. Our communication facilities are easy to use.

At KeyHealth, we pride ourselves on keeping our medical aid plans, quotes, and related information as simple, straightforward, and smart. It goes without saying that our entire company operates likewise, providing you with easily understood, real medical aid. Talk to us today.