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KeyHealth’s Smart 2018 Medical Aid Options


Because of the great demand for private medical aid in South Africa today, several medical aid schemes have come into being since the ’90s. Initially, there were few companies that provided private medical aid membership, but this picture soon changed. The number of medical aid schemes increased, and the number of plan options that each scheme offered followed suit.

Now, the medical aid needs and demands of the growing populace are increasing, despite the government’s well-intentioned attempts to provide free medical care at state institutions and clinics, plus a proposed new NHS type service to South African citizens that is said to be somewhere in the pipeline of future universal health care plans. Unfortunately, the South African rand is weak, the economy is hardly growing at all, and the cost of living is high and climbing. State-run health facilities are under-resourced and oversubscribed with people seeking much-needed medical attention. They just cannot cope with the numbers.

As with everything, the cost of medical care has increased. Virtually all medical aid schemes have no other option but to increase membership contributions annually. Despite the fact that no consumer likes to be presented with the news of price increases, one must keep in mind that medical schemes only increase their members’ contributions once per calendar year. For the duration of the specific year, schemes are contractually locked into and bound by their published January rates, irrespective of cost increases that may (and typically do) occur between then and year’s end.

At KeyHealth, we do not believe that private medical aid membership and cover should be within reach of only affluent South Africans. KeyHealth’s medical aid options are designed to be as affordable as possible, allowing more people access to professional private healthcare as and when they need it – no fuss and no frills. Surely, this is what you want from your medical aid.

Fuss- and Frill-Free, Please

Additionally, we feel that much fuss is made over such fripperies, yet they have little or nothing to do with medical cover or option benefits and they just make it more difficult for you to afford and pay for your medical requirements, some of which may be life-saving or life-preserving. Since there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, someone has to pay for these perceived additional benefits. That someone is you, the member, who pays via more expensive membership contributions, even if other stakeholders subsidise a portion too. This is why KeyHealth’s medical aid options are so affordable, smart, and simple. Our 2018 option plans are as follows:

  • Essence;
  • Origin 2018 – new option/plan;
  • Equilibrium;
  • Silver;
  • Gold; and
  • Platinum.

If you are an existing KeyHealth member, or you have taken a look at our medical aid options before, you will notice that we have introduced a new plan to our range, Origin 2018, which adds a new dimension to our most affordable plans that are primarily designed for single, young, and healthy people, whose medical aid needs reflect their stage of life and overall good health.

Whichever KeyHealth medical aid option you select, PMBs, chronic medication, disaster, and major medical expenses are covered, providing you with essential, affordable medical aid cover for when you least expect it and most need it. Contact us today.