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All KeyHealth’s Modern Medical Aid Benefits


Almost all private medical aid schemes are relatively modern; not all that long ago, private medical cover simply didn’t exist. Employers that provided their employees with a medical aid were members of a group scheme. Under the company’s agreement with their group scheme medical aid provider, all employees were expected to belong to the scheme, unless they already had existing membership benefits via their spouse’s employer. It was, and still is, illegal to belong to more than one modern medical aid scheme simultaneously.

Group scheme medical aid membership, that was paid in part or full by the employer, was regarded as an initially non-taxable fringe benefit and made up a portion of the employee’s salary package. In time, the South Africa Revenue Service decided that fringe benefits should be taxed as additional income on a sliding tax scale, at a rate that is commensurate with the employee’s monthly or annual income.

Modern Needs

Nowadays, large corporate companies still offer medical aid benefits to their employees, but a great deal of the country’s economic activity now centres around smaller employers or independent entrepreneurs. These folks have as much, if not more, need for private, modern medical aid cover, which is obtainable through KeyHealth.

Here are some of the benefits of KeyHealth’s modern medical aid scheme:

  • We offer a choice of six smart, simple, and thoroughly modern medical aid plans. We don’t have umpteen medical aid options with a mind-boggling array of distinctions, which more often than not are misunderstood by members, only to be discovered when it’s too late and a claim is repudiated.
  • KeyHealth recognises that unexpected medical treatment costs may be astronomical, far beyond the means of most people. We assist our members to meet these costs as, if, and when required.
  • All our modern plans and options provide you with precisely what you want from a medical aid – financial insurance against costly medical conditions, illnesses and emergencies that may arise, plus assistance that helps you to pay for all the medical conditions’ medications and treatments prescribed by relevant medical aid legislation, as well as a number of other eventualities that are likely to require professional medical expertise, intervention, or hospitalisation.
  • Additional free benefits that apply to all our plans – Easy-ER, Smart Baby, and Health Booster.
  • Supplementary services cover is also integral to all our plans; limits may apply, depending on the terms and conditions of the plan.
  • Our website guides you through various steps to help you get clarity about where you are in your life and your likely medical needs, taking your medical history into account, what you can afford to pay to belong to a medical aid that best meets your requirements, and which of our six plans complies with all or most of these factors.
  • Because our focus is set on pure, simple, and smart modern medical aid solutions, excluding non-medical benefits, we’re able to offer you an equally modern plan that’s exceptionally affordable.

A Most Important Benefit

Yes, no matter how affordable, belonging to a modern medical aid scheme is an additional monthly expense, but ask yourself this: Can you afford not to have KeyHealth’s affordable medical aid benefits? We know the answer and so do you. Contact us today.