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Remarkably Affordable Medical Scheme for Families


In South Africa, in 2018, you need to have a medical scheme membership when you are young, healthy, and single, because you never know when life’s unforeseen events that require medical attention can happen to you. You cannot rely on state medical facilities and resources any longer, and that is a sad, unfortunate fact.

A Greater Need

However, if you have a family, the need for medical scheme membership is exponentially greater. Without a medical scheme membership, you know well that you would virtually become bankrupt if one of your children or your partner was desperate for medical attention, and you just did not have the money to pay for essential private treatment, life-saving procedures, and medicines. If someone you love is in a medical crisis, you will do almost anything legal to help them, even if it meant selling your vehicle and your home.

Do Not Get Caught Short

Nonetheless, ridding yourself of assets to obtain money may be a lengthy process, so this is not an answer to a medical dilemma. Do not get caught short. There is only one way to avoid such a traumatic situation: join a medical scheme’s medical aid plan right now. You will have peace of mind and a sense of security, knowing that you and your family are covered for what may lie ahead medically, but will hopefully not come your way.

KeyHealth Medical Scheme’s Options

KeyHealth Medical Scheme offers a variety of pure, simple to understand, and smart medical aid options, designed to suit people in various stages of life and different age groups, including typical South African families. To make your selection easy and simple, our website helps you identify plans, which are suitable for all single persons, couples, and families with dependent children.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that all our KeyHealth plans, across the board, and irrespective of members’ marital status, offer certain very important benefits, such as disaster or major medical expenses cover, PMBs, chronic medication, supplementary services cover, and three additional free benefits. Additionally, KeyHealth is known as a medical scheme that offers medical aid cover, which is remarkably affordable – great news for a family.