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Important Steps to Take When Applying for Medical Aid Scheme Membership


Whenever you wish to become a member of any registered group or organisation, it is necessary for you to apply to do so. In your application, you will usually encounter various questions that you are required to answer, in order to determine your eligibility for membership.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that all questions are answered correctly, accurately, and honestly, without attempting to conceal any information that may be relevant to your application for membership. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and disbarment from membership, which can be an embarrassing experience for you, and unpleasant for all concerned. This is particularly important when applying to join a medical aid fund.

Six Smart and Straightforward Medical Aid Plans

Like all KeyHealth medical aid’s rules and regulations, as well as the way in which our medical aid operates, applying to join any of our medical aid plans is simple, straightforward, transparent, and smart. However, before you complete and submit our handy online application questionnaire, you need to decide which one of our 6 medical aid plans would suit you best. The following plans are listed, according to the extent of their cover and their respective monthly membership contributions, from most affordable to most comprehensive.

  • Essence
  • Origin
  • Equilibrium
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


The user-friendly KeyHealth website is designed to guide you to make your optimal choice, step by step.
Firstly, take note of the contents of the initial five useful and informative links on our “Why KeyHealth” page. This information will enable you to better understand the decisions you are about to make, as well as their importance to you and your future healthcare.

  • Look at your monthly after-tax income and deduct the usual, essential monthly expenses, to establish how much you are able to afford to spend on a monthly medical aid contribution.
  • Keep in mind that it is generally advisable to apply for the most comprehensive medical aid cover that you can afford.
  • Next, look at your age, overall health, likely routine medical aid needs, stage of life, and personal status. Are you young, healthy and single, a couple, a family with children/dependants, or a single parent? You will find links to these four categories by clicking on “Why should I choose KeyHealth”, where you will find the next link that takes you to the four categories.
  • Reveal your plan options by following the instructions in sequence on our website.
  • The KeyHealth “Options” link provides you with the most salient information about each of our six KeyHealth medical aid plans from which you can choose.
  • Our “Join Now” link and page reveals the KeyHealth “Get a quote” and “Request for new membership” questionnaire and application form.
  • Complete our online application questionnaire, and remember to reveal and include all relevant information that has a bearing on your application and membership eligibility.
  • Submit your completed medical aid application/quote form, after which KeyHealth will contact you to proceed.


Smart, Affordable Medical Aid Cover

As you will note, all our KeyHealth medical aid options include disaster or major medical expenses cover, as well as PMB, chronic medication, supplementary services, and three additional free benefits, of which Easy ER is possibly the most important and reassuring, medically speaking.

Nowadays, you cannot afford to be without a medical aid membership in South Africa. KeyHealth offers some of the smartest, most affordable medical aid solutions on the market. The sooner you fill in an application, the sooner you can become a KeyHealth member.