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Realising the Value for Money You Get from Medical Aid in Times of Crisis


Life is unpredictable. You can plan but you are never prepared for the unexpected. Accidents happen, people become ill, and if you are not prepared, the impact can be far bigger. Serious financial repercussions can follow an accident or illness but if you have medical aid, the value you get for your money will be highly appreciated when you don’t have to pay crushing bills later on.

Consider the COVID-19 disaster that has left thousands of people in need of medical care. Many people will still require medical attention. A good medical aid is a great advantage in times like this. There have been similar outbreaks before, such as H1N1, the Spanish Flu, and the Black Death, and COVID-19 is by no means the last.

In terms of the value you get for your money when it comes to medical aid, consider that, if your family members are covered by a medical aid, if they fall ill, they have the cover needed to get the treatment they require. In times of disaster, the people you love matter most. If you have friends or family members who are not covered, talk to them or share this article with them to do your part in helping them get the best care.

Even though everyone is currently focussing on COVID-19, do not forget that other health-related problems, such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are still present and people are being diagnosed with different conditions and illnesses every day. After the worst of the SARS-CoV-2 has passed and the world returns to normal, you still want to be covered in the event of accidents or an unexpected diagnosis. If you have been investing in your health and you are already covered by a medical aid, you can be grateful for the value your monthly money now bring you.

Get the cover you need from KeyHealth and rest assured that you will be covered for any future personal health complications or global health pandemics.