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Join One of The Affordable Medical Aid Plans Available to All South Africans


Medical aid is available to everyone. Many South Africans believe that medical aid is not available to them and that they cannot afford it. Life is expensive for South Africans. However, do you have hidden expenses? Are you spending money unnecessarily? If you analyse your budget, you might find that if you stop spending money in certain areas, you will have enough available for an affordable medical aid plan from KeyHealth. So, we compiled this list of things to do to save money, so you can get on one of our affordable medical aid plans available to all South Africans:

    1. Cancel subscriptions. Have you signed up for a magazine or subscribe to online tools and apps you don’t need but are paying for?


    1. Identify hidden monthly costs. Go through your bank statements and debit orders to identify unnecessary spending or things you have forgotten about.


    1. Sell things you no longer use. Clutter can be turned into cash. If you have something you no longer use and can sell, snap a picture, add a description and price, and advertise it on one of the many online marketplace options where South Africans search for affordable, second-hand goods If you have clutter that you want to get rid of, you can hopefully have enough money available to secure your medical aid payments for a few months.


    1. Find budget-friendly meals you can cook at home. Are you wasting money ordering food online, buying fast food and expensive coffees? You can skip your morning latte, make your coffee at home, and carry it in a flask. Find budget-friendly, healthy recipes online and cook your meals at home. You do not need to pay for an expensive meal-delivery service, eat at restaurants, or order fast food regularly. Keep those as occasional treats, indulge once a month if your budget allows, and make affordable meals at home. You can make many meals in advance and freeze some, so you have ready meals that you can heat up.


    1. Address unhealthy habits. Do you have unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, gambling, buying sugary treats, or impulsive shopping that are costing you money? Perhaps your goal to save money can help motivate you to kick those unhealthy habits. Calculate how much you spend on your unhealthy habits each month and put a price to it. It might motivate you to finally quit.


  1. Make social life more affordable. Instead of going out with friends and spending lots of money, suggest more affordable activities, such as just having coffee and snacks at someone’s home, which will be cheaper than having to cook an expensive, three-course meal or go out. You can go for a hike or bike ride (if you have a bicycle), or start a running club. Have you ever heard of the Parkrun? It is a free weekly event held in multiple locations around the country where South Africans can get together outdoors and run.


If you manage to free up money and would like to join one of the affordable medical aid plans available to all South Africans from KeyHealth, contact us today!