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Medical Aid Costs in South Africa: Finding a Scheme That Works for You


Choosing a medical aid scheme for you and your family can feel like a daunting task. With so many options around and with each scheme claiming to be the best in town, the decision can be overwhelming. Medical aid costs in South Africa can also be a point of contention for many and finding an affordable scheme can sometimes feel impossible.

Here at KeyHealth, we pride ourselves on offering a medical scheme that is simple, smart, and authentic. We don’t hide behind frivolous specials and over-complicated deals. We believe in the importance of customers knowing why it is they need a medical scheme and them offering them the exact services that they need. Belonging to a medical scheme is important and can save you a lot of money in the long run when life inevitably happens. While no one likes to think about the worrying ‘what ifs’, being prepared will allow you to look after yourself and your family no matter what. Our different plans cater to different budgets and thus, medical aid costs in South Africa don’t always have to stress you out when you find a plan that works.

KeyHealth: A Simple Health Scheme with Transparency at Its Core

We believe that the most essential part of any medical aid scheme is transparency. We don’t believe in hidden costs or hiding behind flashy fringe benefits. Instead, we’ve gone back to basics and offer customers a transparent service that works. We have an array of different plans available and our services cater to families, singles, couples, and single parents.


We can’t wait to introduce you to our world of smart and simple healthcare. You can’t always prevent medical emergencies from happening, but you can choose a health scheme who cares, and you can always be prepared. Contact us today and we’ll gladly chat to you about our six membership plans and which one will suit your health and budget needs best.