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Online Medical Aid Application, the KeyHealth Way – Smartly and Simply


The invention of the Internet has changed the way in which people do and accomplish tasks which once took days, weeks, months, and once upon a time, years.

Online – the New Norm

Doing business of all descriptions online has become the norm. This includes everything from purchasing food and groceries, buying a vehicle, undertaking research and gathering information, communicating with others near and far, and filing one’s tax return, to applying for medical aid membership. Online transactions are legal and accepted by all who make use of this technology.

Smart Mobile Devices

Moreover, one is not limited to only using a desktop computer, notebook, or laptop. Today’s smart devices allow online transactions, wherever one may be, as long as it is from a location that has an Internet connection. Online is the way to go, somewhat akin to our simple, smart medical aid scheme, KeyHealth.

Saving Time and Money

By making use of modern online technology, you save time, no longer needing to travel to the premises of the concern with which you wish to transact or communicate; communication is instant, whenever and wherever you choose. It costs less too; there is no need to incur travel expenses. An online email’s data cost is negligible.

Before you Apply with KeyHealth

Prior to completing KeyHealth medical aid’s quick, easy application form online, or for that matter, before applying to any other scheme, it is vital that you do some research – online, in the case of KeyHealth, so that you are clear about your current status, likely medical cover requirements for the current year in relation to the plan that best suits your needs, as well as the relevant plan’s affordability.

Firstly, look at our home page and select Find the Right Cover for You. This takes you to a page from which to select Singles, Couples, Families or Single Parents, whichever best describes your present status. Next, date/s of birth are required, the first of ten simple steps. Alternatively, read through the respective plan options by selecting the Options link, which contains the essential details, benefits and exclusions of each of our six options. Thereafter, you may complete our online application or contact us at KeyHealth for additional information, answers to questions, and other relevant queries.

KeyHealth’s Online Application

Under the Join Now/Get a Quote link, you will find our KeyHealth online membership application form, which is also simple and straightforward, as is the medical aid cover offered by our plans. Completing the questionnaire contained therein in full and honestly is an essential part of your application. It is a standard requirement of all medical schemes. Via our website, we also provide you with a comprehensive list of key KeyHealth contact details, including email addresses for online queries to our various departments. KeyHealth has three walk-in offices, respectively in Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Centurion, Gauteng for those of you who prefer to apply in person or likewise speak to a consultant.

Do consider our Mobi Membership Card at KeyHealth, still in its initial phase (as of March 2018), but sure to enhance your online medical aid application and all other future communications with us – as smartly and simply as you would expect from KeyHealth.