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Why You Need the Benefits of Medical Aid Cover


What are you buying and signing up for when you join a medical aid scheme? What is the real reason; the bottom line? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Most medical aid members would probably give several answers, since they would find it rather difficult to isolate and prioritise on reason only.

Individual Requirements

One’s most impelling answer would possibly depend on one’s attitude, past experiences, particularly those of a medical nature, age, general state of health, occupation or life stage, family medical history and their average longevity, as well as other personal issues, fears, or insecurities. Each person is unique; ditto their actual and potential medical problems and treatment requirements.

Short-Term Insurance Benefits

Nonetheless, one should at least be clear about exactly what medical aid is and is intended to achieve. In a nutshell, membership of a medical aid is similar to having short-term insurance on an asset such as a vehicle, household contents, your dwelling, the contents of your freezer, and valuables. You take out short term insurance in the hope that you will never need to submit a claim for loss or damage but have peace of mind in knowing that you are not alone in having to foot the bills if or when your property sustains either. Depending on the type of insurance you have, the insurer helps you pay for repairs, replacement and/or other claims arising from an accident, negligence, emergency, or act of nature. These are your short-term insurance benefits.

Real Medical Aid Benefits vs. a Dangled Carrot

Understanding KeyHealth medical aid, its plans, options, criteria, benefits, and terms and conditions is as straightforward as is humanly possible, since we offer our members a choice of six forthright plans, unlike other medical schemes’ vast ranges of offerings. If faced with so many complex plans, couched in undecipherable legalise, it is really difficult to make comparisons between schemes’ umpteen options and benefits. It is typically a frustrating exercise in confusion, one may say.

Frequently, some medical aids include numerous so-called additional benefits, which actually have absolutely nothing to do with medical cover, the very reason why one subscribes to a medical aid. In addition to muddying the waters, these extra “benefits” are really intended to influence potential members into selecting the particular scheme, much like dangling the carrot to get the donkey moving in the desired direction. You will not find quasi benefits at KeyHealth. Each benefit we offer helps to cover (or covers in full) the costs of one or more medical condition/s, preventative medical measure, treatment, or procedure that is directly related to and focused on your medical needs, health and well-being – nothing more and nothing less.

Each one of our six affordable KeyHealth medical aid options provides its own defined set of benefits. Monthly contributions typically reflect the extent of each plan’s benefits; the more you contribute, the more comprehensive your range of benefits. Nevertheless, certain benefits are included across the board:

  • Disaster or major medical expenses;
  • Chronic medication;
  • PMBs;
  • Supplementary services cover; and
  • Three free additional benefits.

Select your KeyHealth option from Essence, Origin, Equilibrium, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Once your medical aid membership is approved and initiated, enjoy the peace of mind and reassurance that comes with knowing that your medical aid needs and benefits, commensurate with your plan, are there to cover you, smartly and simply, if and when you most need it.