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Affordable Medical Scheme Rates that Offer Peace of Mind


Rates and affordability are one of the first questions on virtually everyone’s lips when contemplating membership of a medical scheme. How much will I be expected to pay each month? Can I afford to join a medical scheme?

Although the rate question is very relevant, first ask yourself whether you can afford not to belong to a medical scheme, instead preferring to go it alone, hoping for the best. This is sometimes the attitude of a young adult, who is historically and generally in top health, seldom, if ever, requiring any medical attention at all. The future lies ahead of you. It’s bright and full of exciting possibilities.

I’m Fine, Thanks

We’ve all been there. Although one knows, on an intellectual level, that age and life’s unforeseen eventualities await most people, it’s easy – almost automatic – to put such concerns on the back burner. You’ll worry about that later. Problems associated with ill health, the ageing process, accidents, and medical emergencies happen to someone else. We’re just fine, thank you very much.

Exercise your Options

To those who are of this opinion – we, at KeyHealth, should tell you the truth, before life happens, as it invariably does. You, like most South Africans who have options at this time, cannot afford to be without a medical aid, even if only belonging to a scheme’s most basic plan with the lowest, most affordable rates that offer limited, yet vitally important benefits.

KeyHealth is one of this country’s simplest, smartest and most transparent medical schemes, with affordable rates and commensurate benefits, ranging from the most affordable plans to a remarkably comprehensive option that is typically more affordable than comparable plans offered by other schemes.

At KeyHealth, you can expect monthly contributions that are exceptionally affordable. For our most affordable scheme rate, your benefits include major medical expenses/disaster cover, chronic medication, PMBs, supplementary services cover, plus three free additional benefits. Peace of mind is your free bonus.