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Interested in Smart and Affordable Medical Aid?


Are you interested in affordable medical aid membership that delivers what it promises: simple, transparent, and smart medical aid cover; nothing more and nothing less? Chances are that your answer to this question will be a resounding “yes”, especially in view of rising taxes and living expenses. The state fiscus requires an enormous injection of funds in 2018, due to the substantial shortfall in the country’s loan account. VAT is to increase and an additional fuel levy is to be imposed on every litre of fuel sold at the pumps. There is more, but as we all know, the knock-on effect will be felt and experienced by all sectors as well as already heavily financially burdened individual citizens, bar those who are in the wealthy segment. Most South Africans need to tighten their belts again, hopefully only for the short to medium term, until our economy shows meaningful recovery, for which the indicators are favourable.

Can You Still Afford Medical Aid?

We have asked whether you are still able to afford medical aid, but the question should really be: “Can you afford not to have medical aid?” Unless you are turning a blind eye to your health by burying your head in the sand, hoping that unpleasant realities will go away, you must face financial facts. You should also recognise the necessity of belonging to a medical aid, without which you may face disastrous consequences if or when an unforeseen occurrence with significant medical repercussions threatens your well-being or that of your family. You cannot rely on receiving medical treatment at state healthcare facilities as and when needed. As is, they simply do not have the resources to cope effectively with the enormous numbers of patients who may queue for hours or days in search of medical attention. You need to join a private, open medical aid scheme that you can afford.

Face Facts and Balance That Budget

You are living here and now, so it is important that we face what is before us all and take measures to manage our budgets more effectively. This means that it is wise to find affordable solutions for essential purchases. By doing so, you will be better equipped to balance your budget, while taking adequate care to ensure that your purchases, medical aid membership included, are affordable.

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The provision of simple, smart, and affordable medical aid cover, devoid of largely meaningless fripperies, is the key aspect of all KeyHealth’s medical aid plans, of which there are currently six. Beginning with our most affordable KeyHealth option, our plans are as follows, in ascending order of benefits, cover, and cost:

  • Essence
  • Origin
  • Equilibrium
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


KeyHealth’s easily navigable website contains information about our affordable benefits, guidelines to assist your identification of the plan/s that best suit your requirements, and lots of additional relevant facts that you can consider in order to make an informed decision. Click on KeyHealth if you are interested in smart, affordable medical aid cover.